Fast Track

New athletes often come to us from other types of training where they develop some athletic experience. If you’ve never tried CrossFit but you are very physically active, then our Fast Track course might be a good fit for you. During your free intro and evaluation one of our coaches will talk with you about your athletic experience and determine if Fast Track is right for you.

Fast Track covers

  • Science behind CrossFit
  • Foundational movements of CrossFit
  • Other equipment and methods we use
  • Basic nutrition
  • Training frequency
  • Three CrossFit workouts
  • Answers all your questions!

We recommend Fast Track only for experienced athletes. If that’s not you, we’ve still got you covered! Our Fundamentals program slowly introduces you to CrossFit via eight personal training sessions. If you’re unsure which is a better fit, then Fundamentals is probably the right choice.

Start by scheduling a free intro to see if Fast Track is right for you. When you sign up for Fast Track you will also pick one of our training packages, so you’ll be ready to jump into group classes when you finish! Fast Track is three personal training sessions with one of our rockstar coaches who will get you moving safely and effectively!

  •   Three personal training sessions
  •   Each session lasts about 60 minutes
  •   Contact us at 256.361.9348 to schedule Fast Track or ask us questions!

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