Neale has a real passion for coaching and encouraging people to make themselves better and to achieve things they never thought possible. He did not have a particularly athletic background but did manage to stay quite active while raising four boys who were all very involved in multiple sports.  As an empty-nester turning 50, who mostly worked in an office, he realized he needed to make some changes in his health and nutrition to ensure a good quality of life for the next 50 years.  In 2012 he was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and immediately became hooked.  He connected with the highly supportive and social aspects of the CF community – an element that was missing in most organized fitness programs. Neale has subsequently went on to successfully compete in numerous competitions, both as an individual and on teams.  He is a two-time Crossfit Open Masters Qualifier (2014, 2016) and finished the 2016 season ranked 85th worldwide.  He completed his CrossFit Level 1 in 2015 and served as a Judge at the 2016 CrossFit Atlantic Regional competition.

I really, really love helping people improve their health and achieve their goals – especially those that aren’t already very fit – those that are very deconditioned, or have some injuries, or maybe just a little older like me…I believe the CrossFit approach offers tremendous benefits for virtually everyone out there and would like to help as many people as possible get healthier and live longer

When not in the gym, Neale enjoys travelling, riding his Harley, and especially scuba diving.  He is also a U.S. Navy veteran, works as an engineer for a defense contractor, and occasionally teaches computer science courses at the university.

Age: 54

Height: 6’2″                                   neale

Weight: 220

Personal Records:

Deadlift: 522

Back squat: 385

Front squat: 315

Clean: 237

Snatch: 155

Strict press: 175

Bench press: 265

Fran: 3:25

Grace 2:32

Karen 6:42

FGB 323

CF Total 1025

Relatively clean, I try to follow a mostly paleo diet with plenty of meat and veggies; however, chocolate is a serious weakness.

Favorite movements:

Deadlifts, Rowing, and the Atlas Stones

Least favorite movements:

Running…and especially running.