7 thoughts on “Tuesday 8 December

  1. hey he looks familiar. 175 lb pr. Should have gone higher. I dont like getting beat. Good job from everybody tonight.

  2. 12:18 as Rx’d. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

    [edited to add] Oh, I was not quite as Rx’d. I accidentally added a forward flip off the GHD after the knees to elbows. Scared the shit out of me. Managed to come all the way around, grab the handles, and land on my ass.

  3. 8:39 (s)

    Rowed 500m instead of run then 15 of everything. It was an intense workout but it was good to do it. I think Dr. Lang is gonna have a lot on his hands to put back in alignment tomorrow morning.

    Tomorrow is a rest day for me. Have fun with tomorrow’s WOD. I will try to show up to cheer everyone on.

  4. O and way to go David and Christina on Sunday’s WOD today. You guys really impressed and motivated me. That was a bad one and you both pushed through the pain. I was really impressed with Christina pushing and catching up with David on that one.

  5. Thanks for everyone’s patience at the 5:30 class. We had couple bottlenecks tonight between the rowers and GHD machines. This type of situation shouldn’t come up very often but there will be times when we have to work it the best we can, especially when GHDs or rowers are involved.

    Between classes, Christina and I decided to do Sunday’s WOD together. Kudos to Christina for almost kicking my butt in this one. Way to work hard girl!

    3 rounds for time:
    15 Thrusters (95-lbs)
    15 Pullups
    15 Burpees

    Time: 9:49

    Thanks for the support Tristan!

  6. Great classes today! Everyone worked hard.

    In between classes:
    3 rounds for time
    15 Thrusters 31lbs
    15 pullups
    15 burpees

    Time: 9:53

    Thanks David and Tristan for supporting me through this 🙂 It was a difficult workout — even more impressed with everyones performance on Sunday now that I have done it.

  7. 12:03

    Subbed 500m row for the run, which I really don’t think is equivalent. I can do a 500m row in 2 minutes, but I sure don’t have a 4 minute mile.

    I did hip extensions for all three of the hip/back extension sets. I also cannot do knees to elbows, but still did 30 knees to stomach (or whatever you call it).

    Good to see some new faces today! CFI is growing! Have fun with the 5k tomorrow, my rest day…

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