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  1. Geez, I hated to miss this workout. I was looking forward to it. Had to go to Decatur to pick up some supplies for our vendor tent at Sectionals this weekend. If anyone is struggling though any injuries, having range of motion issues, hamstrings that just never seem to loosen up, then look for us this weekend. Its the Spine & Neuro booth. We have a PTA that is Crossfit Level 1 certified that will be running our booth. The guy is extremely talented and will be doing postural positioning / range of motion evaluations for free. Also stop buy to test your grip strength….we will be keeping a list of the strongest male and female. Any pains or injuries, be it constant or just during a particular exercise, stop by and talk to Jay. You wont be disappointed.

  2. Active rest is preparation for sectionals:
    Rowed 2000m at a relaxed pace.

    Did 2 rounds at full intensity of
    15 wall ball (20 lb)
    10 pullups
    5 burpees

    Untimed. I estimate it took a little less than 2 minutes.

    Then ran about 0.75 miles at a moderate pace.

    Enjoyed observing the 6:15 class perform the WOD. This is going to be a sprint, and one hell of a way to kick off sectionals.

  3. Yesterday I did: 12 Dead Lifts 155lbs
    40 wall ball 10lbs
    9 Deadlifts
    30 wall balls
    6 Deadlifts
    20 wall balls
    3 Deadlifts
    10 wall balls
    Time: 15:57

    Today I did: Five rounds for time:
    400m run
    15 pullups

    Time: 16:14

    Both workouts were difficult, but nothing a crossfitter can’t handle 🙂 Everyone is going to do great this weekend!

  4. 7:02 RX, I really enjoyed doing it outside. We all got a lot of looks from the day care down the street. The run was tougher than expected my calves are sore from the 400m runs the other day.

  5. 6:56, scaled G2S to 120 lbs. Heavier loads still bother my shoulders, but I’m slowly increasing the weight w/ improved form. Quite a sprint of a workout, but fun. Nice day to be outside!

  6. 7:51 as RX’d. Missed 4 of the cleans which really hurt my time. 155lb was a good weight…. I love the WOD’s that get your heart rate up fast with burpees and then make you lift heavy stuff.

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