Monday 15 March

Fundamentals Class

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
15 Back extensions
15 Knees to elbows
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.

“The Triage Concept” with Pat Sherwood, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

The Sandbag Workout from the 2010 CrossFit Games Carolina Sectionals, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

28 thoughts on “Monday 15 March

  1. Looking forward to getting in there tomorrow. Been in the field the past four days. Lots of MRE carbs and very little excercise.

  2. It’s crossed my mind many times, “Could I eat anywhere close to zone/paleo on MREs?” I don’t think it’s possible without sacrificing 3 MREs for every meal, and even then you’re not getting any quality carbs. Sorry, man. I feel your pain.

  3. If you wondered why your alarm clock was extra loud this morning, that was probably a power surge caused by my motivated 5:30 AM class pushing electricity back onto the grid through our patented CFI flux capacitor. This is a good WOD. Keeps everyone moving, but the KTE and OHS look very taxing. Gean got integrated this morning and killed the KTE portion. All the ladies did extremely well with the OHS. Yaneth made some especially significant progress. Steven and Victor just generally killed it all.

    Performed “Grace” as my morning WOD:
    For time:
    135 lb power clean and jerk, 30 reps
    Time: 3:10 (PR)

    Improved over a minute from my previous PR, which was 6-9 months old.

  4. Did the PFT this morning that I missed on Friday . I chose to run it in the morning so I can do the WOD tonight. I also haven’t worked out in the wee hours of the morning in a long time… so to practice what I preach (constantly varied) I decided to work out with the 5:30 class. Thanks for the support at the end of the run guys I really appreciate it!

    Max dead hang pullups- 12
    Max military crunches – 80
    3 mile run- 29:00 was really glad I was able to finish this run. I have been recovering from a knee injury. The knee started to give some problems right at the end of the run. Overall, I am happy with my performance today… I will, however, be incorporating some longer run intervals into my warm up to get my knee back to 100%.

    Max pushups – 42

    Total PFT score:
    My old Female PFT score: 228
    27-39 age group I scored 192 on the male version of the PFT which is 2nd class I was 8 points short of the 200 point mark for 1st class.
    For female age 27-39 age group (making an assumption that being able to do 12 dead hang pullups I could make the flex arm hang. (which I have done in the past with no problem) My female score would be 232 which is 1st class. Check out the link if you are curious about scoring.

  5. I wish I could find the link for this information but it is interesting to note that the guy that put together the “modern” MRE circa WWII was also the guy that the government put in charge of creating the nutrient recommendations for our nation in the form of a food pyramid in the 1950’s. (Think heavy on the carbs, low on the protien/good fat)

    He passed away earlier this year or late last year. Anyway, this would be much more interesting and convincing if I could find that information and criticism of his work…

  6. I think I could have done better on this WOD, but I manage to improve my KTE’s. Thanks for the help this morning Jeff!

  7. I’m out in the field right now actually and it really is impossible to paleo mres. It’s a little easier when they bring out hot meals but it’s still really carb heavy. I think a lot of it goes back to the fact that carbs are cheap and the whole “lowest bidder” part of goverment contracts

  8. Awesome workout this morning….My hands are tore up from kipping pull-ups yesterday and KTE today. Luckily I found a box of latex gloves under my sink!! No more crying in the shower :)…Managed to complete 5 rounds of the WOD with scaled overhead squat to 31lbs. Thanks for the support this morning.

  9. OK, just noticed a sick side-effect of Crossfit.

    At my office, metal came up on my playlist. I immediately felt the urge to workout so I started doing a mini-WOD in my office. Dude – it is in my subconscious!

    Oh, and I just had a pretty close to Paleo meal that was really awesome and easy to fix the night before and take into work. It might become a new staple for me:

    Saute some onions and garlic in olive oil. Add some grass-fed ground beef. Brown it, then add some spaghetti sauce (look for low-sugar, no crazy stuff in the sauce). I also add cayenne for some kick. Serve it over spinach leaves instead of pasta. Really good, trust me.

    Rest day for me (or it was supposed to be)… See everyone tomorrow.

  10. That’s hilarious Andy and Melissa F. πŸ™‚ you guys crack me up. I love how crossfit has inspired you both in different ways πŸ™‚ One to find away to take a shower and wash one’s hair with ripped hands, and the other inspired to do a mini – WOD when the right song comes on πŸ™‚ Love it!

  11. I hate not being able to come every Monday. Awesome workout. I never considered latex gloves in the shower. Sounds like an old prison movie. haha. But seriously, good idea.

  12. I just let out a low-volume (so as not to bother Christina) utteral scream/growl as the pain sinks in and then subsides. Sounds kind of like Chewbacca meets Cookie Monster.

  13. Rx’d 5 rounds plus 15 back extensions… OHS is my nemesis! Can’t wait to check CFI later this week!!!

  14. 5 rounds + 11 OHS. Had a really hard time with the OHS. David and Michael gave me some great pointers and I started getting the hang of it after the WOD.

  15. 4 rounds + 10OHS. Good workout overall glad for the push from Zan, thanks girl for staying and pushing us. Its good to have one extra person yelling at you other than just one trainer with a class as big as the 6:15 was. Felt good to be back in the box. I have missed it a lot.

  16. 7 rounds + 15 back ext + 10 KTE

    As usual, I enjoyed working out with everyone. Hudson’s KTE pace inspired me to do them a little faster. If I can suck it up and commit to that pace next time this comes around then I’ll finish 8 rounds. Also enjoyed seeing Grant and Zan get after it. I know Michael is frustrated with his injury, but he’ll be back soon enough. I appreciated the push from him and Tristan during the OHS as well.

  17. This afternoon came in for the evening WOD did a ten minute AMRAP of what was suppose to be the WOD, however, my coach (Leah) let me be an idiot and do a wrong movement πŸ™‚ j/k Leah, but it was kind of humorous!

    10 min AMRAP:
    15 GHD situps ( this is where I goofed)
    15 KTE
    15 OHS

    Completed three rounds total.
    This was a nice short WOD after working out this morning.
    After did 20 18″ box jumps and challenged Zan to a pvc pipe roll — I won!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. i want a rematch..this was a new movement for me and i saw you practicing it before you challenged me

    2. haha Christina πŸ™‚ I was actually on my way over to ask what the heck you were doing but Hudson asked me at the same moment what round he was on. I only noticed one round of GHDs, I thought you were doing hip extensions the rest of the time πŸ™‚

  18. Tristan’s post makes it look like he did 4 rounds + 100 OHS. I was very impressed for a second

  19. Hudson I got after it on the fifth round. I just didn’t want to stop with the OHS’s. Ha

  20. Scaled it down (substituted good mornings with 45 lb bar for the back extensions; as close as possible to KTE; OHS with 45 lb bar). I tried to focus on keeping form and just going slow and steady. I figured I’d just get as many rounds done as that pace would let me. Having my arms & traps get tired before my legs was unexpected…those damn angry squirrels. A big thanks to Zan for the encouragement!

  21. Nice afternoon classes! I was impressed with everyone’s effort on the OHS(s) during this workout. I saw several of you fighting for that one extra rep before dropping the bar for a rest. Melissa N. stands out to me. I walked by at one point and heard her say, “I can’t do any more.” I gave her a few cues of support to reassure her and she knocked out like 4-5 more without setting the bar down. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation with the GHD bottle neck as well. It was good to see Tristan back and it was also nice to see some new faces, Grant and Lonny stick out in my mind. I am continually impressed with the motivation and drive to get better among everyone! Oh, it was nice to have Zan hang around after her workout at 5 to support the 6:15 class!

  22. I definitely need to work on anything having to do with squats, they always seem to give me lots of trouble. Thank you Zan and David for pushing me when I thought I couldn’t do anymore!

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