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  1. Russ Greene is a CrossFit trainer that I follow on Facebook. Among other things, he trains an elderly stroke victim named Margaret. His stories of her training and progress exemplify that CrossFit is infinitely scalable and delivers results to anyone. Here’s his most recent post:

    “Margaret PR’d her scaled grace today with 15 reps in 1:49 with the same Arabic book she normally uses. Previous efforts were 10 reps in 2:39 on March 1, and 10 reps in 4:55 on January 31st. Today she got the first ten done in just over a minute. Range of motion was better than on the previous two attempts as well.”

    If you’re not familiar with “Grace,” it’s 30 reps of power clean and jerk for time. So Russ has Margaret picking up an Arabic book and lifting it above her head. Sounds like a great way to make CrossFit training accessible to someone who had probably given up on independent living. One of his previous posts said that he came to her house to train her and found her washing dishes, which she hadn’t been capable of in years.

  2. I’m looking forward to this one, I feel sooooo much better today!! Hated being there yesterday and not working out 🙂

  3. In the athlete’s defense (and Russell’s), he could be on the way up from the bottom of the squat in the photo. We don’t really know.

  4. Funny (sort of) story about a Christina judging pic. During the last WOD I tried to take as many pictures as possible during the various heats (have not uploaded yet…lazy). At first I was focused on the athletes – the form, the anguish, the composure. As the competition went on I noticed the ferocity of some of the judges and trained my camera on them with Christina being particularly forceful. I never captured the exact emotion as intended but it speaks volumes that others too noticed as much passion out of the judges and spectators as the competitors themselves.

    1. John, I was constantly sucked into to the competition through the individual I was judging. I am glad that it was seen as a good thing! I could not help but get excited for them and try and help them push themselves just a little harder! It was a stressful, but extremely rewarding weekend!

  5. 5:28 Rx. A lot of great effort from everyone. I particularly noticed some awesome intensity from the new guys (sorry I can’t remember all your names). Great job going Rx Victor.

  6. 10:57 scaled (75 for 15 and 12, 65 for the rest–pull-ups were banded first green, then blue, then both) Thanks to Christina and Hudson for talking me through the last two rounds.

  7. Time: 8:26 Rx

    I really needed this one today. It felt good to work out the stress. The cleans felt much better too. I only failed on one rep. It was good to have a confidence booster after that WOD at sectionals. Everyone worked hard and the warm up brought back warm memories of my soccer days!

  8. I wish I could have done this one with you guys today. Looked like a fun, painful WOD. I stayed for the 6:15 just to see everyone get after it. Didn’t think it was right for me since I did Grace (30 reps of 135# power clean and jerk) plus the 20 minute AMRAP yesterday. Today I did

    bench press
    muscle ups

    Used 225 lb across for bench press triples. Intent was to work on a weakness (pressing strength) and refresh my body on muscle-up technique. Push/pull effect worked out well. Congrats to all our first-timers. Everyone finished strong!

  9. I decided to go Rx. I even did pull ups (kipling) without a band for the first time. They looked more like a trapeze in a circus than nice clean kiplings, but I did them all WITHOUT a band!!!….about 5 at a time. I didn’t think it was going to take me so long (18:41) but it was taking all my strength to do those power cleans at the prescribed 135lb. I had not sweat so much at a CrossFit workout before.

    Hats off to Hudson and his unhuman ~5:48 time. When he was done and on the floor I thought he was hurt, but then realized he was done, while I had just started my 12 power cleans…haha

  10. I had a good time working out with the 5:00 class. Kudos to all the new guys working hard on this one and for several going Rx’d! Thanks to Christina for the constantly varied warm-up.

    6:10 as Rx’d

  11. Finished in 9:50 rx. Was tough, but I actually enjoyed it. Hats off to David on the programing today. Was good movements to pair together, and the rep scheme was enough to keep it real interesting.

    I’ve been impressed with the intensity of the new guys and girls. Especially today. Its been a great energy in there the past few days. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  12. Words cannot explain the emotion and enjoyment I had coaching everyone today! You guys brought everything you had tonight! Thank you for letting me be apart of your success…. every single one of you guys did great a job tonight! Life. Changing. Fitness.!

    Rest Day for me 🙂

  13. 12:29(s) did 115 Cleans.

    I think ten days of not working out at all has hurt my confidence. I actually went Rx’d the first 15 but just couldn’t bring my self to drop under it when I started 12. Thanks to Christina, Jeff and Jordan for pushing me through this one. My back is killing me which tells me my form was not all to good. A weakness I need to train to get better. All in all a good night at the 6:15 class and congrast to all the new faces for finally facing a David Rx’d WOD. You have now faced what scares even hardcore Crossfitter’s and all the way down to you. LOL

    Also got to finally see Tristan. (The other one) He will be a beast. He may even beat me soon with all those squats he was doing.

  14. David is building a reputation as prescribing the hardest programming. I cannot let this stand.

  15. Thanks for all the compliments on the programming! I am glad you guys like it.

    Oh no! It looks like Jeff may have something interesting for us soon.

    Jeff, I think the reputation stems from my notoriously long warm-ups or “mini-WODs” as some have called them. I don’t think I have programmed too many difficult WODs. Maybe I am just naive to the fact.

  16. No David you aren’t naive at all. It does stem from your mini-WOD warmups but at the same time our bodies may hate the warmup but we all leave injury free minus some torn skin on the hands.

  17. 12:42 scaled…started at 95 lbs on the clean, reduced to 75. Also had band assist on the pullups.

    Now I know what 10+ years of focusing on aerobic/anaerobic, lower-body work (cycling) will do for your upper body strength (exactly nothing).

    Man, I hurt! Kudos to everyone who did this workout without a hitch…I’m in awe. I aspire to be there.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support! I look forward to more suffering…

  18. I started out with too much weight and had to scale the first set to 12 reps, so I did 12-12-9-6-3. After the first set I kicked 2×10 off the bar and then didn’t really have enough weight. Note to self: when doing a new lift, weight up a bar and work out what I need before hand. Still, are great workout and the warm up was very entertaining.

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