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  1. Did you tell the main site gods that I have a weight vest? Why whould they add that!?

  2. Was Murph originally invented by David? Yeah, Push the 6:15 to midnight.

  3. I partition Murph as 20 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats) with a 1-mile run on either end, in case that helps anyone.

    BTW, don’t sweat it if you aren’t capable of the full workout. We’ll have scaled versions with lower reps. My first Murph was a 1/2 Murph and it nearly killed me. Worked my way up to a 3/4 Murph, and now I have done 1 or 2 full Murphs. It’s kind of like a 10k run. You just have to accept that you’re going to be working for a really long time (relative to other CF workouts) and pace yourself accordingly.

  4. Kudos to Victor, Jeannette, Melissa F., Steven, and Gean for taking on “Murph” at 5:30am! Nice work this morning.

  5. HOLY BALLS BATMAN!! This was pure hell….Scaled this workout to Silver, which I think is (can’t remember things are a bit fuzzy) :
    800 m run
    75 pull ups (blue band assisted)
    150 push ups
    250 squats
    800m run
    Some how I miscalculated my pulls ups and had to double them in the end reps. I was a mess this morning with a faucet for a nose and having to jam TP up my nostrils. I managed to finish in 45:30. Thanks for the support David!

    1. Melissa, I have to admit. I wanted to comment on the TP up your nostrils but I didn’t want embarrass you. Since you mentioned it, that was actually the first time I have ever seen anyone do a workout, CrossFit or not, with TP up their nose. That’s what I call dedication!

      1. haha — I feel your pain Melissa — I have often experienced the same thing especially while running. I like your solution… I may borrow it next time 😉

  6. Christina, we can get you a fresh set of tissues. You don’t have to borrow Melissa’s.

  7. So I attempted to do a “Papa Murph” (Rx)…..not the case. So then I shot for a “Papa Murph” run with “Murphete” reps. Still a freaking pain. While counting to a bizillion push ups, I thought to myself “I can’t wait to go run again”. Never, Never, NEEEEVER, in my life have I preferred to go run than to do something/anything else, but Murph did it to me. At the end, with the 40 min limit in the morning class, I ended up completing the following:
    1 mile Run
    65 Pullups (blue band)
    120 Pushups
    200 Squats

    Jeff, I like your break up: 20 rounds of Cindy. That’s great! I’ll do that next time.

  8. One of my favorite workouts. 54:50 as rx’d with interceptor body armor (with neck, throat, an groin protector and SAPI plates) approx 35 lbs.

  9. i was scared about this one… done outside with Erik Hamilton, As Rx’d 1hr 34 min with interceptor body armor (neck, throat, groin protector and SAPI plates) approx 35Ibs

    i debated with myself as if breaking into 20 rnds of cindy might have slowed me down… that or i just suck haha. i kept track of the rounds with rocks and let me tell ya the rocks piled slowly

  10. 51:58 Rx’d

    That one sucked. First Murph ever. I was nervous all day and I wasn’t going to go but for some odd reason my car wouldn’t let me take any other route other than to the box. It’s like someone else was driving me there.

    Congrats to Jordan for doing it with 20 pounds attached. No I can say I was beat by a girl with 20 xtra lbs. Wow that kinda hurt.

  11. 68 minutes as RX’d. That one was tough, but happy just to finish as RX’d for the first time ever. Hudson killed it with the vest, nice work. Greg, nice work pushing through as RX’d.

  12. 40:01 rx’d (no vest)

    This was PR because it was my first full Murph that I can recall.

  13. Time: 51:06 Rx’d
    with 20# vest broken down Cindy style.

    First time doing “Murph”. It upset me a little that I could have pushed it harder and made sub 50 min, but I honestly don’t think I could have gone much faster. Huge thanks to Christina for making me nearly sprint the last 400m! I love the feeling of accomplishment after these hero WODs. Great job everyone…especially the new fundamental graduates. This was a hell of a crossfit welcome!

  14. Half Murph 38:06. I used Jeff’s Cindy method. All pull ups were done with a blue band. Push ups started strict, but on the fifth round I hit my knees. This is my only Murph, so now I have a mark to beat.

  15. First time doing full Murph time was 45:08…. great job to everyone today — especially to all the new members who tackled this one today! Shot out to Jordan and Hudson for completed the WOD with a 20lb vest awesome work from the both of you! David also did a kick as job with starting 20 minutes behind all of us and almost catching up! Great day as always at CFI!

  16. 58:24 Rx (minus vest)

    So, Im gonna give myself a shout out for “Stupid Rep Scheme Idea of the Night”. Apparently, knocking out all pullups and squats at the begining, and then saving all 200 pushups for the last movement so my legs could rest before the final run ended up not working how I had imagined. My arms and shoulders where like noodles…..achy noodles….on the run and it was miserable. Next time, the Cindy approach is how im gonna tackle this WOD. Was still fun though!!

  17. This was a fun WOD to watch and coach. Seeing so many people work so hard for almost an hour is pretty incredible. Also, seeing the resolve in many of you to not quit until you completed the WOD was great.

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