16 thoughts on “Thursday 18 March

  1. Oooh, strength day. I might try and tackle Murph instead. I feel left out!

  2. HAhaha….Great photoshop work! But I think David got some height added to him 😉

  3. 225-275-300-315-330(PR)-340(f)-335(f)

    PR by 15 pounds. Hoping for more, but still OK with this performance. I was hoping for an easy day after Murph, but warm up was a little WOD!

  4. Max’d at 215 (PR) But, being one of the new guys, everything is a PR for me right now.

  5. I don’t know if anyone enjoyed the partner warm-up this evening as much as me. Congrats to those who set PR(s) today in deadlift! Also, kudos to those who were deadlifting for the first time! Everyone tackled it with confidence! Some of you may want to check the leader board. I think there has been some updates.

    Rest day for me.

  6. 145-155-165-175-185-195-205 Everything past 165 was a PR. Happy for the rest day tomorrow, although, I may do some skill work in order to stretch out my arms.

  7. I hurt everywhere today!
    I’m at work so I ran 2 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace to keep my body moving. I haven’t been this sore in a long time. I heard that everyone crushed the DLs today. Looks like I’m gonna have to fight my way back on the leader board again!

  8. Oh, did I mention that Yaneth performed a half “Murph” and then set a 20-lbs PR in deadlift!

  9. I dediced to tackle “Murph” in order to prove to myself I wasnt a chicken, I did half a “Murph” – Time 27:24…I stuck around for the deadlift portion and beat my last PR! Thanks to David, Daniel, Monique and Tristan for cheering me on and pushing me! Great class everyone!

  10. max @ 245…I too haven’t done these in years, so that’s a PR.

    Enjoyed the warmup, David- it really got the blood flowing!

  11. 275-285-295(pr)-305(pr)-315(pr)-325f-315-315

    Legs were a little more tired after murph than i thought

  12. Awesome to watch the savage girls in the 6:15 class. Yaneth was an absolute beast. Pulled her previous PR like it was nothing, literally…..then beat it by 20 pounds…….AFTER doing Murph like 10 minutes earlier. Monique set the bar high for the rest of the ladies taking the top spot on the white board. Was great to watch. Rest day for me today. See you guys on Saturday!

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