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  1. Hey Guys,
    Just got back from the Doctor about my shoulder…I have anterior shoulder instability, that may be causing subluxation( partial dislocation) of my shoulder. This in turn may have caused a minor labrum strain/tear or vice versa. Either way…It really SUCKS!!! I start rehab on Thursday :(.

    1. Melissa, sorry to hear that. The human body is pretty good at healing itself if we are patient and give it ample rest. Just keep the long-term goal in mind and take it easy for a while.

      1. Thanks Guys!! I was really down about it at first….but then I realized…My Core and my lower body are going to get a hell of a workout the next 4-6 weeks :).

      2. Melissa, glad to hear you are doing good — Glad you went and got your shoulder checked out 🙂 You are right about the core and the legs! Will keep you going for the next four weeks! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  2. 5:11

    Did this at 12:30 at CrossFit Huntsville. Had a good time training with Jake, Josh, Katie, Karen, Russell, and Kevin. In my heat Russell and Kevin got a 1/2 round ahead of me and I never recovered. I just got gassed on the L-pullups more quickly than they did. Both of them finished in 4:2x. Front squats were a distraction from the real challenge–L-pullups.

    I learned that L-pullups are easier when done with an underhand (supine) grip.

  3. 6:54 Rx’d

    L-pullups were the most difficult part of this workout. However, I used the underhand grip and it did make them easier.

  4. 8:31 Rx. Had a really hard time this workout with both movements but especially the front squats, which contrary to what Jeff says were not the easy part.

    I really didn’t like this workout, not because it was hard, but because in my opinion it was not measurable, which is supposed to be a key part of crossfit workouts. I think that it was too easy to cheat on the L pullups which everyone in the gym does including myself. I have seen very few legit L pullups. Even those who do them only keep them up for a few rounds, again including me. Just my two cents, feel free to disagree with me.

    1. Hudson, I agree with the L-pullups not being all legit. I know I didn’t do them perfectly and if I had my time would have been a lot worse. Yeah, it’s difficult to measure the L-pullups because of this but on the other hand, I got some work done. The L-pullups legit or not are difficult and work more than just pullup capacity. For that reason, I think it’s a decent workout (definitely not a favorite by any means) but I wouldn’t suggest prescribing L-pullups in a CF competition because they are so subjective. That’s my $0.02 on this one.

      1. Good point David. Even with an unmeasurable workout there is still a lot to accomplish. I personally have a hard time during these workouts though. I hate not doing things correctly, but I also hate taking 40 min to do a workout that is designed to be done in less than ten.

  5. 12:17 Rx’d(????)

    Glad I am following Hudson on this post cause I was gonna say scaled. My front squat was Rx’d but my L pullups fell apart in the second round and I never recovered. The underhand grip did allow me to do more than I have done in the past but by the last round I was kipping with a Z pullup and maybe pushing my legs out on the downward movement of the pullup. Either way I didn’t like this workout much but then again you have to do things you hate to get better at them.

  6. Gold scale:
    7 rounds
    3x front squat 155 lb.
    5 L-pullups

    Time: 7:48

    Went with the supine grip as well, definitely easier than the overhand grip for the L-pullups.
    Could only call maybe the first few of them legit though as Hudson stated earlier.

  7. I agree on all counts. Measurable? Not very. Subjective? Definitely. Suitable for a competition? Probably not. Good at training core stability under movement? Very. My last 3 rounds of L-pullups had several where I used pulling into the L for a little momentum on the pullup. I also think you’d get a better workout by doing this rather than the WOD taking 30 min and every L-pullup being perfect. Intensity is part of what we’re after.

    Two good classes this evening. Everyone worked very hard. Kudos to Danielle for working through a lot of adversity to finish strong.

  8. Finished in 11:07.

    I kept the rep scheme as Rx’d, put scaled the weight on the front squat to 155 pounds. My toothpick legs had a hard time with the front squats, but I feel like the 155 was just right for me on this workout. I tried hard to do my L-pullups as perfect as possible, but after round 2 my legs went from 90 degrees, to about 60 degrees. Was tough. Thanks to Jeff for keeping me honest on my front squat depth.

  9. Really enjoyed working out today with the 5:00 class! I always like working out with Leah as she usually beats me on WODs, which makes me work harder. Zan of course killed the front squat and made my 95lbs look weak 🙂 Congrats to Zan tonight for getting her first double-under!

    12:32 was my time did 95lb front squat and as everyone has posted above about 75% TO 50% legit L-pullups ( my first two or three were 100%) For me this was an extremely difficult workout. The pullups were difficult as was the front squat — I struggle with front squats and had never done L-pullups in a WOD before. i enjoyed this workout for those two reasons.

  10. I forgot to post my workout yesterday:

    7 rounds:
    3 Front Squats 135 lbs
    7 pull ups (with blue band)
    15 seconds L-sit

    Time: 18:26

    Per Jeff’s instructions I attempted the silver weight to test the water. I did three reps at 125, asked Jeff to give me a quick effort eval, and did another three reps. Jeff told me I could probably go a little heavier, so I upped the weight to 135 and tried three reps with that. So, I did three sets before the workout started. At the beginning of round four, I unracked the weight and it felt like someone had added weight to the bar. It felt so much heavier. I failed on one rep in the fourth round and on my last rep. I didn’t get full depth when I repeated the final rep, but I had already failed once, so I counted it. I am so close to getting off the pull-up band I can taste it, I almost wish there was a thinner band.

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