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  1. Good class this morning. Missed Victor and Jeanette as part of my usual Monday morning company, but David and Greg were a nice surprise. To those who have trouble with DUs, just keep working at it. I promise, one day during the warmup a switch will flip and you’ll wonder why you ever had a problem. Great to see Russell take #1 spot on the leaderboard and David PR by 10 seconds.

    Afternoon classes, someone needs to knock Russell off #1. Make it happen!

    Afterwards I did the WOD in 7:10 (PR by 22 seconds). Situps are my goat on this one. No matter how I place the AMBAT and towel, I will get a raw spot on my ass and look like I should be an extra on the show “Prison Break.” Starting at the end of the 40 set they just go slowly as well. DUs went well. 50 and 40 set were each broken once. The 30 set might have been broken once; I can’t remember. 20 and 10 were unbroken. Situps is where I can really make some time. I probably only have 10-12 seconds lost in DU breaks. Maybe I could DU faster?

  2. Decided to attend the 5:30 class this morning for the WOD for a change of pace.

    Time for Annie: 7:48 (PR only by 10 secs)

    This morning was one of those times where I struggled to link my DUs well. The first 50 went terrible. After that I was mentally frustrated because I wanted to PR and didn’t think I was going to. They got a little better as I went on. I think it was just too early for me to have the coordination required for DUs. Nah, I can’t blame the time. I just didn’t have it.

  3. Did this one as Rx’d.
    Time: 17:50

    Double unders are the killer here. I couldn’t get a nice streak going more than 5-6 at a time, I think once I got 12 unbroken.
    David worked this WOD with us and he finished at 7:48, as I was finishing the set of 40 double unders. David said he wasn’t able to hit the streaks of DUs like he wanted, but he was able to connect them a whole lot better than me which helps out with the time tremendously.

    Situps were getting tough for me on the later parts of the 40 and 30 sets. Those will get better down the road and are not the beast the DUs are for me on this WOD.

    It’s not that the DUs are impossible, it seems to be my ability to maintain them without fatiguing too quickly. I started to get there a bit this morning, but most of the time I feel that I jump too high and am overall working too hard to maintain the DUs. My arms, especially at the shoulders and chest, wear out on DUs. I’ll need to spend some time focusing on technique and form instead of speed. In the middle of a timed WOD I’m too jacked on drive and adrenaline to really work on it effectively.

  4. 7:10 PR. I was fortunate to not lose concentration on DU’s and only broke twice. I’ll be lucky to ever manage that again! Good times though and definitely happy with tying Jeff’s PR.

  5. Didn’t get a chance to make it tonight but since I was so pissed about missing this one I decided while my boss talk to his boss I would make up Nicole at work. I did 87 reps. I hope I did this one right. Instead of going max pullups per round I did max number before getting off the bar per round.

  6. My rounds were as follows:

    150 – 120 – 90 – 60 SU – 10 DU
    30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 Sit ups.
    Time 12:49

    Could not really get the hang of the double unders before the work out, even with Christina’s help, but we did improve my form on the single unders. The funny thing was, after doing 400 single unders the pace seemed so slow that I did double unders for the last set.

  7. This afternoon I did explosive strength work Westside Barbell style with 10 sets of 2 box squats with 60 seconds rest between sets. Used 185 lbs, which is just short of 60% of my 1RM. Probably should have gone a little heavier. After that I did the same format with power cleans (10 sets of 2 reps, 60 seconds rest between sets). Used 185 lbs for first 5 sets and 200 lbs for final 5 sets. 185 lbs is 80% of my 1RM and 200 lbs is 87%.

  8. Great class tonight. Congrats to everyone for getting double unders tonight! Patrick and Lisa both took number 1 on the board tonight congrats to both!

    Annie Rxd time 15:29 Double unders is where I spent all of my time. I’ll get you next time Jennette 🙂

  9. 11:48 as Rx’d.

    This was my first time doing a WOD as prescribed. It was good to finally get that out of the way.

  10. Lonny, that’s a big achievement, congrats. Keep trying to go Rx’d if you’re capable, even if it takes you longer to complete the WOD. You’ll gain a lot of strength that way, and gain the utility of comparing your times to others (and yourself). It’s very difficult to compare scaled times.

  11. 16:52 was my time as RX’d. Double unders were the slow point of course. I actually didn’t have much problem on the situps. I linked 14 DU’s once (PR), but most of the time I would only get 1 and that killed my time. I feel like I am getting close on DU’s though… so close.

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