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  1. what the flying monkey handstand craziness is that… cause regular burpees don’t already suck

      1. Seems really more like tumbling than anything else. But I’m sure after a few, they will definitely start to suck like regular burpees!

    1. Well damn I have to PT with my recruits but I will go ahead and do this thing that has a long name nicknamed by Zan. I wonder how well this is going to work with a lot of kids that already hate burpees more than anyone in our box. Ill keep you guys posted.

    2. Anything with the words “flying monkey” in it scares the shit out of me.

  2. I wasn’t going to work out today, but for some sick reason, I feel compelled to try these flying monkey handstand crazinesses. Although it does look like the prescription for a massive headache.

  3. BTW, great job by Scott on the full depth front squat in today’s pic. Those hamstrings are finally giving in to our repeated thrashings.

  4. Damn! My favorite workout and I’m gonna miss it!! 🙁 Wonder if people will think I’m crazy if I try to do this one at work?…;)

    1. haha — I think you should do it!!! You can make up this WOD some other day 🙂

  5. Still nursing my shoulder so I decided to take a rest day. Awesome effort in the gym tonight. Everyone tackled this WOD with confidence. I was really impressed with Grant’s progress on handstands.

  6. This was brutal….Only finished 4 rounds in 22:52, and I have no bands or boxes to get frustrated at…

  7. 16:03 rx’d

    I actually think I might have pushed off the floor with my hands on a few of the flying monkeys without even realizing it. Felt really good on my backwards jump ropes and did the round of 20 reps and 30 reps unbroken. I have a huge blue bruise the size of a quarter on the bottom of my left foot from it continually hitting the ground when I would land from the handstands. But hey, thats just part of it. The warm-up was my first attempt at a 500m fast row. I got it in 1:38.6. Its possible that I “MIGHT” could have gotten 1 or 2 seconds faster, because I came off the seat early into the row, and had to stop for a second. But I really dont think I could have done much better than I did. Not at this point anyways.

    And what about Zan……Zan the Dominator…..Zan the Warrior Princess….Ol’ Flexy Hips….You killed that WOD today. Awesome job. Tried to stay with you on the flying monkeys, but I just didnt have it in me.

    And David made 225 look easy for 3 reps of front squat. I got a $20 that says you had 235 in you if you would have tried it.

  8. CrossFit Impulse,
    thanks for being awesome hosts to a couple of visitors from Utah!!
    Marie and I try to catch a WOD whenever we travel and since her parents live in Huntsville we will definitely be back to visit you all. You were very friendly and made us feel right at home. Of course this is the CrossFit community that we have come to expect, and are rarely disappointed.

    Thanks to Dave for running the WOD and giving me what must have been a “rigged” rower!!

    Bruce and Marie Roberts
    CrossFit Utah Valley

    1. Hope to see you again before you leave town. We enjoyed having you workout with us.

      1. To David, Jeff, Christina, and Hudson. This is why I think CFI is the best box in the country and to be honest one of the ONLY reasons I will extend on Recruiting duty. You guys make this feel like a second home from the word GO! I am very happy to be part of CFI as I am sure the majority of people are. You guys rock and you make this fun and I have a feeling when I retire in 12 more years this box will be the same atmosphere with a lot more people and a whole new location. My prediction… You need to find a place for about 400 people or so per WOD.

  9. 14:11 rx
    so… whoever programs the wods should have to suffer too…with that said, christina…because you love handstands, burpees, monkeys, and backwards jumping rope so much….you should have to do this one.
    good job 615 everyone did awesome!

  10. Ok so in the true way that I am I decided to kill me and my recruits tonight in my own WOD.

    We did 4 rnds for time:
    25 inverted burpees
    25 squats
    25 pushups
    400m run
    My time was 31:27.

    I love being able to beat these kids. I was the first one finished and what was awesome is only one recruit did “flying monkeys” with me and he came to a close second. I had the ones that couldnt do them do regular burpess as sub.

    My shoulders are shot as are my recruits but thats what it is all about. Hope to see you guys Sunday I have volunteer work to raise money for the Special Olympics in Hartselle and Decatur on Friday and Saturday.

  11. Daniel I elect you to come up with nicknames for all the hardasses in the box that can take it. And don’t hold anything back. I would like you to post them on here. And I mean nicknames for everyone.

    1. Consider it done. Nicknames will be given at random times on these very message boards from now on…..or until somebody takes offense and punches me in the face.

      Yours truly,

      Donkey Dan the Can Do Man

  12. Great night at CrossFit Impulse. I enjoyed watching all the flying monkeys doing their thing! It was great to have Bruce and Marie from Utah drop in with us. Bruce killed the 500m row during the warm-up with a time of 1:29.5. That was good enough for number 1 on the leader board. Great job, man! Kudos to Zan her efforts on this one! I was also impressed with everyone’s effort with reverse jump roping. It’s always good to see people improve on something unfamiliar in just a matter of minutes.

    I made up the WOD from yesterday.

    Front Squat

    Previous best load for triples was 205 in February.

  13. 14:18 rx’d. Looks like I just barely got edged out by Ol’ Flexy Hips….nice job, Zan. Good job to the 5 for everyone working hard.

  14. I missed Ol’Flexy hips do the dang thing! Sounds lke she klled the WOD!

    as for me… 32:14=Forever! Ugh! Ugh! i did frogstand in place of hanstand! The entire time I was wishing I wasnt scared to do a dang hand stand! I was also kicking my @ss for being gone so long! i wish to say no more……

  15. Yaneth, we’ll get you on the wall soon. Just be patient, try it often, and each time push just a little further outside your comfort zone.

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