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    1. 10k run – 46:16, official results here: http://www.besttimescct.com/results/Roses_10K10.txt

      Actually got 4th in my age group (Male 25-29), finished 25th overall, ~420 registered. Not sure how many ran in the actual event.

      Very happy with this as my PR last year was 47:59 at the Alabama A&M 10km (June 2009) race and I have not been running near the mileage I did last year. Also, my weight Saturday morning was 173 lb. which if I remember correctly is the highest since high school football. Overall, I was very nervous before the race thinking I would hit a wall somewhere about mile 4 or 5. That nervous dissipated once the race started and I felt great at mile 4. Also, this is the longest I’ve run in my Vibrams FiveFingers.

      For any nerds in the crowd, you can see all the GPS & heart rate data goodness on Garmin Connect: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/31843032

      The hill on Eastview at the end of the race was killer, I gave it everything I had to get up that hill quick. That is one area I need to work on as that hill really punished me for trying to surmount it quickly. The downhill was no picnic either as I could hardly hold myself from flying down the hill at this point. I ended up letting myself ‘sprint’ down the hill and that took a beating on my feet and me as it was all I could to do to churn my legs quickly enough to stay upright. At this point my feet were on fire as my feet pounded the pavement coming downhill.

      Mile splits:
      1 00:07:08
      2 00:07:24
      3 00:07:40
      4 00:07:34
      5 00:07:53
      6 00:08:58

      Mile 6 I missed the marker and didn’t hit the lap button as I believe it was somewhere on that downhill portion of Eastview. My pace slowed up at the end of the race, but overall I’m very happy with the results (almost 2 min. PR).

  1. 5k fun – 22:45

    Weather turned out perfect for a run. Cloudy, not much wind, and not super hot. My goal on this was to either stay with Jeff, or at least 10 feet ahead if at all possible. About the last 100 yards he stopped toying with me and turned on the afterburners, passed me, and never looked back. Thanks for the push, Jeff. No way I’d of pushed it that hard alone.

    My prediction……10k WOD will be making an appearance verrrrrrrry soon.

  2. Wish I could be there. I love 5k days. Having a blast though at Level 1 in Huntersville NC. Morning WOD tabata squats. Started at 20. Lowest num 17.

  3. Haven’t run a 5k for time since high school…and it showed, 23:52.

  4. 24:29. It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve done a [timed] 5k. The back and forth course and hill makes this one interesting.

  5. 22:30. Would have been a minute slower had Daniel not given me a solid pace to keep. Enjoyed the run with everyone, except running in Melissa F on her final 400m. She sprinted the hill a little faster than I had planned.

  6. Fran at Level 1 cert. 3:54. Thats almost a 2min PR. I attribute it to three things: Better capability on the thrusters, 3 HQ trainers yelling at me, and a new strategy I have implimented on resting.

    I have figured out that more rest does not directly mean more work. In other words if I rest for twice as long that doesn’t mean I will do twice the amount of work if I hadn’t. Usually I won’t do any more work if I rest longer. Ive been trying to keep my rests as short as the pain receptors in my brain will allow. It seems to be working.

    Shoulder didn’t bother me on thrusters and pullups at all but I am still incapable of pushups after 9 days.

    Congrats to Davy and Andrew M on their 5Ks. Those are strong times, especially after that long of not running.

    1. Thats a smoke’n fast time, Hudson. Glad you were able to do the workouts without your shoulder being an issue. Looking forward to hearing about your experience at the cert.

  7. 24:50
    Haven’t run a 5K for time since I don’t know when. So now I have a time to shoot for.

  8. Wow, what a day two of fundamentals! Those circuits tried to kill me, I swear. But I’m sore, sore, sore, and ready to work that stuff out tomorrow!

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