Sunday 2 May

CrossFit 5K run

21-15-9 reps for time of:
95 pound barbell Squat snatch
Chest to bar pull-ups

James Hobart 5:26, Eric Magee 6:04, Dave Lipson 6:21.

Post time to comments.

“Bouncing Back: Chemo Recovery and CrossFit” with Bev Venuti by CrossFit Again Faster, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Damon Stewart competes for fun at the Northern California Sectionals – video [wmv] [mov]

Anthony Bainbridge deadlifts 600lbs at a body weight of 166lbs – Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Sunday 2 May

  1. 16:46 rx’d

    Was much harder than I expected. My form improved on the squat snatches as the workout went on…..I just wish my time would have improved too!

    Rest day for me Monday.

    1. Rest day? You take rest days? New nickname: Donkey Dan “the Slacker” Man!

  2. Snatches are not my favorite but i improved tody and I was happy about that! I improved my form and increased my weight. Thanks David and Jeff for the tips….the warm did help!

  3. 8:01 Rx’d

    Sets of 15 and 9 felt better than my set of 21. It’s like I needed the first 10-15 to establish muscle memory, and then they actually got a little easier (but fatigue was setting in). Felt like I wussed out on snatches a little. Should have kept on the bar and forced myself through the middle ones a little bit faster. One accomplishment I was happy with was partitioning my my 15 set of CTB pullups into 9 and 6.

    Yaneth, your snatching technique was looking awesome from the very first time you asked me to check your form. I have seen you struggle with snatch and overhead squat before at that load, and was really impressed with how you handled it today.

  4. Video of Anthony Bainbridge deadlifting 600 pounds is impressive at 166 lb. body weight no less… guess I don’t have any more valid excuses about my body weight.

  5. Thanks Crossfit Impulse trainers! My first Crossfit WOD was great. I’m definitely hooked.

    1. Justin, you are welcome. Glad to hear you are hooked! See you in the box this week.

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