Monday 3 May

CrossFit Impulse Fundamentals Class - May 2, 2010


For time:

1000m row

50 Thrusters, 45-lb

30 Pullups

Post times in comments.

The Importance of Mobility: The Hips

“Setting Up Box Squats” with Jesse Ward, based on the Westside Methods by Louie Simmons, a CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Rob Orlando and James Hobart push each other, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

16 thoughts on “Monday 3 May

  1. I really like this workout….despite the row ;). First little bit of weight I have had overhead in a long time…shoulder held up pretty well.

    Time: 10:43 – blue band assisted pull-ups

  2. 10:23 Rx’d

    Went easy on the row, need to find the balance between performance and exhaustion. Pull too hard on the row and I’m left with no air, it’s a balancing act. Similar to running it comes down to how much effort does it take to go that much faster? It seems the energy/power demands for running & rowing go up dramatically in relation to speed.

    Thrusters were interesting. Pushed myself to keep going and hang on to the bar to reduce my rest time. Hanging on to the bar seemed to work to reduce rest time, because if I let go of the bar then I’ll rest longer. Shot for doing about 5 reps before letting the bar hang in my arms and take a breath. It seemed my grip more than anything else wanted the release and kept telling me to let the bar go.

    Pullups felt good after thrusters, must be relief of pulling instead of pushing. Need to work on fully extending my arms at bottom for full-range movement. Did get pretty fatigued at the end, hit 29 then failed and had to drop down and rest before completing the last rep.

    I think it is within my means to go under 10 minutes, if I pull the row a little bit faster and push the thrusters a little bit more.
    It’s interesting that along with physical capability improvements I’m making better strategic decisions on how to delegate my work effort and power to each movement in a WOD. Although it is not entirely mental, better physical capability lends itself to a better strategy in attacking a WOD.

    Did some back squats after the WOD, 3 sets of 5 reps: 185, 195, 205.

  3. Russell, I thought your strategy and rest intervals for thrusters were solid. You can spend a lot of time on thrusters if you let your body get away with too much rest. Holding onto the bar was a good way to mitigate that. Melissa absolutely killed the thrusters as well. Well done.

  4. 14:28 Rx’d
    I enjoyed working out during lunch. I’ll have to try to not get too distracted by work at work, haha. I didn’t eat my mid-morning snack and ate an extremely light breakfast. I was gassed after the warm-up. Lack of sleep from a drill weekend didn’t help. Excuses, excuses… I’ll do better next time. Great workout, though. I still can’t hold a cup of water without my hands shaking. AWESOME!

  5. Felt great to get out and do the WOD at lunch! Good job to Scott and Gean on this deceitful girl!

    9:24 rx’d

  6. Congrats Hudson on your cert! I do gotta say that the picture on the mainsite today is pretty funny. It is like a “wheres waldo” image due to the perspective.

    I actually achieved a minor sense of accomplishment and a laugh with I finally “found Hudson”.

    check out the pic. “where’s Hudson?”

  7. 8:50 rx’d. Fun workout…the row definitely makes the thrusters tough. Hats off to Jakub for taking first place on the board with a sub-8 minute workout. Oh, and thanks to Christina for cleaning up my water bottle spill mid workout!

  8. Thanks Kevin. The picture was taken about 5 min after Fran and I was literally having trouble keeping my eyes open without getting dizzy and nauseated. The Cert was awesome though. Im pumped about getting that 11:30 class starting tomorrow.

  9. 9:43 Rx’d

    Took my row at a nice 3:51.07 overall and my idea was to get 20-30 thrusters unbroken. That idea went out the window at ten. Then I tried to mentally take Hudson’s approach of letting my nerves be the one to determine my rest interval. That went out the window at about 30 thrusters when my body said F You I hate you. Did good with pullups thanks for the extra push Grant for this one. Congrats to everyone. And now Daniel is calling me out on Facebook so it is on for tomorrow. God this is gonna suck

  10. 10:40 Gold, i.e. with blue band for PUs. I paced myself on the row, then went 15/10/10/5/5/5 on the thrusters and 12/8/5/5 on the PUs.

  11. 12:52

    My First “Jackie” so I scaled the thrusters to 36# intending to do the pull ups without the bands ,as I have been. I did the row in 4:29. I was gassed after the first 25 thrusters and pulled 5 pounds off. It still sucked but I finished thanks in a large part to Davy’s encouragement. Tristan’s plans found my plan of completing the pull up sans band lying outside the window as well. My arms were gone. My choices were blue band or go home in shame. If it wasn’t for Christina, I might have opted for the shame. All in all, great workout, but harder than it looked on the board.

  12. 9:17 Rx’d

    I maintained sets of 10 until the last of the pull-ups, I ended with two sets of 5. I rested too long between sets. The row was just hell…as usual. Thanks to Andrew and the Dirty Ole Sailor for pushing me to get back on the bar!

  13. 9:41 Rx’d

    I think I need to work on my pullups… I was able to get 8 my first time on the bar and after that it it a blur. I’ll just need to work a little harder next time!

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