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  1. Hudson, I was looking forward to being there for your first day during lunch today. I’ve either gotten a head cold or my allergies are going nuts. Have fun! I’ll make this one up during Annual Training over the next two weeks starting Saturday. HOOAH!

    1. It’s not too bad as long as you don’t mind hot weather, lack of showers, poison ivy, mosquitoes, and no sleep. 🙂
      Of course, that’s probably every drill for Hudson. I’m a Signal Officer so I only deal with it about half of the two week annual training and very rarely during weekend drills.

  2. Well, I only made it through 3 rounds, the dry heaving started right before the squats on rd 3. After that and a break, I finished the squats. My time was around 23 minutes after subtracting 6 min for breaks. I was ambitious in choosing to do the workout rxd (well green band pull-ups), and I paid for it. My competitive nature caught up with me today. Thanks Hudson for the encouragement and patience. I will get better. I actually look forward to doing this workout again and finishing it. At least my wife killed it, good job babe!

  3. This WOD felt brutal! 28:51 Rx’d 2 minutes over my last time doing Barbara. Killed my first three rounds…And then she brought the sickness…It was all I could do to hold it in.


    I could have quite possibly seen the fastest “Jackie” of all time from Hudson after the workout…However, he forgot to start the timer. Hate it when that happens! But I think it was sub 5 for sure.

    Rest day for me tomorrow…

  4. Completed barbara at the fire station. 32:34 rx’d. Its funny, my first round was my slowest one…by about 20 seconds! I guess once all those muscle fibers start firing everything gets easier…until fatigue of course. You all won’t see much of me for the next week 1/2 as I will be in th Cancun area on my honeymoon. I’ll try not to get too fat and nasty.

  5. Did Jackie twice today. First time I forgot to start a timer so I did it again tonight. 4:59 Rx. Had fun teaching the 11:30 class. Everyone did great. Kudos to Andrew M for the vomiting interval in round three.

  6. 36:38 Rx’d

    I will be damned if Daniel didn’t push my last round to where there wasn’t shit in the tank after this one. Good job to him. He wasn’t almost a minute ahead of me by round five so I had to push with everything I had to catch up and he still got me. Next time Daniel but it was fun overall. Hardest park by far were the sit-ups.

    And for all the people that tear their hands up during a lot of pullups like this one the video Christina has on her facebook page held up for me for the entire workout. I was shocked cause I ALWAYS tear my hands but not today. Easy night for a shower I will tell you that. It’s a whole different feeling when you don’t have to scream in pain at the begining of a shower.

    1. Sorry name should be Dirty Ole Sailor above. Thanks again for the name Daniel

  7. 24:36 Rx’d (minus the rest periods)

    Rnd 1 (2:58)
    Rnd 2 (4:14)
    Rnd 3 (5:22)
    Rnd 4 (6:14)
    Rnd 5 (5:48)

    I can honestly say, I have never felt any worse after a workout than I did today. My head was pounding like crazy when I finished. Not sure if it was the sudden loss of hydration, or the stress on my skull from the crazy faces I was making. All kidding aside, I tried to not make horrible faces during the WOD today, but I just didnt have it in me to make them stop. Was really wanting that #2 spot on the white board. Baddy Daddy Patty set the bar a little to high for me though.

    Thanks to Tristan “Blister Grip” Whitson for the push tonight. You certainly made me work for it this afternoon. You made up some major time on the last round, and I admit to being afraid when you started the squats and nearly caught me…..and finished just 2 seconds behind. Great job. My time would have been much slower had you not shown up tonight. All it takes is a little trash talk.

    Yaneth and Zan the two faced cheerleaders should be ashamed of yourselves …..”Go Daniel, dont you let him catch you!!”………”Go Tristan, your SO gonna catch him”. Hahaha, I kid. Thanks for the encouragement. Always helps to have people yelling at me.

  8. 39:00 as RX’d. I didn’t save my splits.

    For the first time in a while I really wanted to quit. I was dizzy and trying not to throw up the last 3 rounds. Sounds like Andrew didn’t make it… maybe I should have just done the deed and got back to work. Jeff wasn’t kidding when he said he thought it was worse than murph. I agree.

    Glad I finished, but this was brutal.

  9. 24:00 rx’d. I have to admit I felt pretty good until the start of round 4, and at the end of Barbara I felt like Pukie the Clown was going to show up. I had the 1000 yard stare going on the last set of squats, but managed to link all 50 thanks to Christina’s cheering and the fact that I just wanted to be done. Looks like the Dirty Sailor and Donkey Dan were close behind…nice job fellas. Great job to everyone at the 5.

    Rest day, chips, salsa, and margaritas for me tomorrow.

    1. Hey I got a new one I am no longer Dirty Sailor but I am Blister Grip. Good job you put a high bar to try to catch.

  10. 38:39 rx’d (with the rest time subtracted) I will tell you folks this. That is the worst I have felt after a workout yet the proudest. Thanks to everyone for pushing me at the end. Also if anyone sees me trying to do band pullups, please pull the BS card because I will probably be just feeling sorry for myself. I am really happy that the Kipping Pullups are starting to come together. Thanks Jeff.

  11. Saw so many awesome achievements last night that it’s difficult to keep track. Greg went from sometimes doing band pullups to doing 100 legit kipping pullups in one workout. Patrick and Lisa took #2 and #1 on the Barbara leaderboard, respectively. Yaneth has started doing legit pushups like she never had any other option. Zan took the #1 spot on the ladies’ leaderboard for deadlift. Tabitha made her incline pushups significantly harder than previous WODs and still did awesome. And then Daniel and Tristan went neck and neck on Barbara to finish within 2 seconds of each other. Oh, and apparently Hudson did a sub 5-minute Jackie?!? You guys motivate me more than you know.

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