3 thoughts on “Saturday 22 May

  1. Tristan, you need to kill this one and compare it to your WOD with Breshan late last year. I bet you cut your time in half and can do all legit reps this time.

  2. 28:59 Rx’d

    Handstand pushups killed me on this one. On after thought I should have scaled the handstand pushups, but I was determined to do them as close to Rx’d as possible. The first 12 HSPU went without a hitch, then it was a steady decline from there. My last reps looked pretty awful and weren’t really legit. Thanks for the encouragement from everybody there.

    Greatly enjoyed the nutrition presentation by Hudson. Great to see this provided as a resource for people to learn more and discuss related topics. Hudson did very well speaking and shared what he knew and was learning. Hope to see more sessions like this.

  3. Jeff sorry I missed this one. I would love to make it up tomorrow. I had to work today so if it’s cool with you guys I would like to make it up and compare it. Breshen did it the other day and got 10 min and change but he said push ups werent to full depth cause his trainers dont require it. I am gonna do full depth and see how it comes out.

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