Sunday 23 May

Partner WOD:

3 rounds for time:
Back Squat, 15 Reps (male: 135 lb, female: 95lb)
Pullups, 15 Reps
Deadlift, 15 Reps (male: 225 lb, female: 155lb)

Teamate 1 will complete the first movement of the triplet while Teamate 2 rests, then Teamate 1 will rest while Teamate 2 completes the first movement.  Athletes will then move on to the second exercise, continuing this cycle until all movements and rounds are complete.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 23 May

  1. Awesome Job Leah!! Great working out with you. Thanks Hudson for the nutrition class. Perfect continuation to what we learned in fundamentals.

  2. Good class today. Small but good. Everyone pushed hard. Good to have James starting up with us.

  3. Congrats to Jordan on her Level 1. I had a lot of the same trainers: Chuck, Mike G, Joe, and Bobby. Awesome top notch trainers.

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