Monday 24 May

Hudson's hands post EvaBack Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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Day 2 Highlights from the Northwest Regionals – video [wmv] [mov]

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16 thoughts on “Monday 24 May

  1. Wow… nice hands. Are those your hands Hudson?

    Was tempted to sub in CrossFit Total, but my shoulders are sore from JT on Saturday. I’ll look at subbing in Total this week when I’m feeling fresh.

    Did well on back squat today. From my notes I did this same workout last on March 24 and ended up at 215 on the last set… Steven and I blew that away today.

    185, 205, 225, 235, 245

    235 was my 1RM when I last did Total in late February. Now I’m chomping at the bit to do Total to see what my new 1RMs are. One thing that has really helped on the back squat is placing the bar low. At first it felt funny, hurt my hands and wrists, and I thought the weight was going to slide out of my hands and roll down my back. Now it feels like the optimal position. Now I’m a lot more comfortable handling heavier weights in the squat movement. My 1RM in high school was 315 and I think I was limited a lot by my form as I was never comfortable with squat with concern about my knees and other joints. This is where pointers and corrections on my form in practice and during workouts is paying off. I’m able to handle heavier weights in a safe manner and that gives more confidence to go even heavier.

  2. Russell,

    Let me know what day you want to do Total. I missed out on the last CFT so I am jacked to do it.


    We might need to get you earplugs so you don’t laugh again in the middle of a squat. 🙂

  3. It was nice doing a real workout again. Annual Training was pretty hectic so I didn’t get anymore than one run and four or five ten minute workouts the whole 15 days I was gone.

    125, 145, 155, 165 (PR), 155

  4. Awesome numbers Russel. Did 5 x 5 Back Squat with a 5 x 5 Bench press in between sets. Didn’t get above 225 on the squats. Pretty disappointed with this being 10 # below PR. Squats have always been a weakness for me. Bench Press 185 across.

  5. minus the 65# warmup here is what i put up


    those who saw me might call me out on the 175… range of motion was a little shallow… but i really had a good time… even if lady GaGa was playing hahahahahahahaahahaha

  6. Everyone did really well this morning! Some highlights: Bacon had great form all the way through the WOD. Nicholas enjoyed having you in class today hope you are able to come tomorrow. We might have a different play list playing 🙂 Melissa and Megan really pushed through some difficult lifts. Russell and Steven are always a good team and seem to push each other to new PR’s. Matthew put up some solid numbers with great form. Overall, great morning class!

    I attempted “Annie” again today during the lunch class. Time was 17:40, which is better than last week. However, I really need to focus on keeping a rhythm on my double-unders if I want to see any kind of improvement in my time. Guess I just need to practice more 🙂

  7. Great 6:15 class. Brittany and Tristan really showed a lot of strength on back squat, hitting 135×5 and 285×2 respectively. Yaneth also improved her kipping pullups afterwards, and imparted some of her knowledge to Brittany who also improved her kip. Zan also did very well for having performed JT an hour earlier.

    …and tomorrow brings the Fran

  8. 185-200-215-225-235

    Enjoyed working with Andy and Josh at the rack, especially with Josh’s first time backsquating….nice job man!

  9. so started this WOD with JT. I have been wanting to make this up for a while and was once again shocked at how painful this one really is. I did it in 20:56 Rx’d (PR). I say that is a loose Rx’d cause by the time I was halfway through my 15 set my HSPU’s were getting pushed out as I fell off the wall and toward the floor.

    My numbers for Back squat were ok but I missed depth a few times as Jeff has already kindly pointed out but I am ok with that.

    On the last two sets I do believe I only hit full depth 2 times on both. I might have hit three at full on the fourth but I doubt it. Tried to PR 1RM for back squat and shot for 310 but my core was gone and I got it down but just couldn’t get it back up. Congrats to everyone tonight. It’s always a blast at CFI “Bro!”

  10. Bro, 285×2 (and x5 partial depth) after JT is definitely something to be OK with! You’ll probably PR another 15-20 lbs next 1RM. Nice work.

    1. Thanks Jeff. It’s you guys as trainers and the rest of our CFI famly that push each and everyone of us to do our best and not quit. I can not imagine training anywhere else.

  11. Nice work on back squat during the 5:00 class! I saw several people pushing their limits. Josh made some good improvement on his form and gave it all he had on a few attempts. Patrick and Andy worked up close to their previous 1RM. Looks like there will be some new PRs in back squat on the next 1RM day!

  12. 135 – 185 – 190 – 195F (3 reps) – 195F (2 reps)

    My mouse hammies are getting stronger little at a time. For some reason, last time we did this WOD on March 24th, all I wrote down in my book was “Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5” but didnt write down what I got. Dont remember what it was, but I know it wasnt 190. So this is a mystery PR for me today.

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