Wednesday 26 May

Three rounds for time of:
60 seconds L-sit
45 pound barbell Good mornings, 30 reps
60 Abmat sit-ups
25 pound plate Back Extensions, 30 reps

For the L-sit, accumulate 60sec. For the Good mornings and Back extensions, minimize rest over speeding the movement. For the Abmat sit-ups (substitute a rolled-up towel if needed), feet unanchored with soles together.

The Affiliate Cup competition at the Northwest Regionals CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Rob’s 300lb x 3 clean and jerk by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

17 thoughts on “Wednesday 26 May

  1. Went Rx’d with this all the way up until the last round with the L-sit I had to tuck my legs for the last 30s.
    My form was breaking down and I was pointing my feet towards the ground in front of me.

    Time: 27:42

    Did the L-sit on the rings per David’s suggestion. I liked this as I want to get better at controlling my body on the rings.
    Maybe I should have taken more gymnastics classes as a kid? Would love to take an adult gymnastics class here in Huntsville to learn more.

    On the rings it was vital to keep my shoulders and arms locked out, if I slacked up tension in my shoulders or arms I would start to lose form and that made the L-sit that much harder. It’s also hard to breath when your abs are flexed in this position. Have to allow myself to breath shallow and quickly in stead of deep and slow.
    When I switched over to the tuck I freaked David out a bit as I basically did a slow dive forward. I was trying to recover back to the tuck but didn’t have the strength and let my feet down to catch myself at the last second. David thought he was going to have to catch me before I face planted into the rubber mat. Sorry David, wasn’t trying to scare you.

    GHD machines became a bit of bottleneck and I went straight from situps to the L-sit on the second round, big mistake.
    Abs blasted from situps and then blasted again with 30s on the L-sit when a GHD machine finally opened up. On the third round I went out of order again but went from situps to good mornings instead.

    I was worried about the back extensions and wearing out my hamstrings faster than my abs, but I guess with the higher rep scheme for the abs that is where I seemed to fatigue more on this WOD.

    Great work by all on this WOD. It’s one of those hard ones that takes a little while and you just have to keep chipping away at the reps.

    Hopefully I’ll be feeling good tomorrow and I’ll make a go at Total.

  2. OK, the 300lb C&J x 3 rocks!!! That motivates me to do more crossfit. I will do that some day. Along with a prescribed King Kong.

  3. 26:17 …I think. I finished a bit after Kelly. I have to say this is the first time i actually saw sweat dripping off my face! I struggled a bit with my form on the good mornings..thanks for helping me out with that david! It was a great morning class lots of energy!

    Good luck this weekend Jeff and Jordan!!!

  4. So update for everyone in the box. Screwed my lower back up and not for sure how bad the damage is. Going to set up and MRI on Friday but I will not be crossfitting for a min. of 2 weeks. Looks like its my L5 vertebra. Can’t feel my left leg. Hoping it is just a bulged disc and not herniated. Working on rehabbing it so I don’t have to go through surgery if the damage is really that bad. I’ll keep you guys informed and I can’t wait to get back in there and tear some stuff up again.

    1. Definitely let us know the results of the MRI. In the meantime, take it easy…real easy! The back is essential to functional movements. Take care of it.

    2. If you want the best rehab from a guy thats a spine specialist, and also a crossfitter, let me know. I’ll tell you where to go to get rehab.

  5. Tristan, sorry to hear that. Stay strong! You will be back in no time and STILL smokin me.

  6. You will be missed, man. Take it easy and keep a good attitude. A guy with your mental drive can come back from anything.

  7. 21:47 RXish. L holds were fairly legit the first two rounds. Starting breaking down into tuck into the third. I started with a 30 second straight hold, then it went downhill from there. 4 – 5 second holds toward the end. The rest wasn’t too bad, just made the L holds worse.

    Congrats on beating me Christina, Ill get you back.

  8. 21:36 L-sit tucks, 45lb good mornings, 60 situps, and 25lb back extensions (hip extensions). Thanks Hudson for the push on the last round. Great workout. Lower back is done! I know you will Hudson 🙂

  9. 18:39 rxish. Got about 10 seconds worth of legit L-sits before those broke down into L-tucks. Great job to the 6:15 class.

  10. Thanks for all the words of encouragement from everyone. I will be back soon I hope but of course with a back injury you can’t rush recovery at all. I will see you all very soon. And Daniel as a matter of fact if I go under the knife I will be coming to your work as well and rehab if I get a choice in the matter at all.

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