10 thoughts on “Friday 28 May

  1. 10:00 give or take a couple of seconds. I actually gave myself a small warm up.

  2. 7:02 rx’d

    Did these by the pool in Jacksonville with Zan, Jordan, Elizabeth, and Christina while Jeff timed us. Its nice to have a pool to jump in as soon as your done with a WOD.

  3. Good luck to Jeff and Jordan this weekend competing at Regionals.

    Took today as a rest day. Took the dogs to Rainbow Mountain for a hike to move around a little bit, that’s always fun. It becomes a sort of run/hike as I like to run over the terrain and the dogs get a bit of a workout as well.

    Not sure if anyone is interested in this, I posted a recap of my track meet from two weeks ago on my site: http://russellcrosswy.com/

    I wouldn’t call it Jeff Barnett-caliber writing, but it’s a start. I have more I want put up there, just have to find the time.

  4. 8:18 rx’d

    I got some funny looks from my dog on this one. He didn’t know what the hell was goin’ on.

  5. Warmed up with Sunday’s squat-situp-pushup WOD and then did the burpees in 10:44.

    I guess I need to do more burpees around my dog too because he barked at me most of the time and would even hunch down and snarl when I went chest-to-ground. He barks and snarls when we play chase, so maybe he thought it was a fun new game.

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