Saturday 29 May


800m run

400m run backwards

800m run

400m run backwards

You can either use the CFI 800m/400m course or map out 800m/400m in your neighborhood. If both of those options are absolutely impossible, run 4 minutes forward for the 800m course and 2 minutes backwards for the 400m course.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 29 May

  1. 14:07 Rx’d

    Used the CFI course.

    The backwards parts were pretty rough.

  2. Also, good luck today Jeff and Jordan. Let us know how today went.

  3. Time: 10:48

    Did this at the track. Thought that would be better for the backwards run portions. The second 800m was hard at first after running backwards. Had to keep my legs pumping to get them going again.

    800m – 2:52
    400m backwards – 2:14
    800m – 3:31
    400m backwards – 2:11

  4. Russell, awesome time on Griff. I think that’s good for #1 on the leaderboard.

    We’re having a great time down here in Jacksonville. Jordan and I have finished 2 events now. We’re now recovering at the hotel before the final event of the day this afternoon. If you’re interested in checking the results, here’s the link:

    Competing alongside Russell Berger, Rich Froning, Mike G, Kevin Lowe, and hearing Kyle Maynard cheer for you are some of the coolest experiences I’ve had in CrossFit. The competition down here (both men and women) are absolutely beastly. That can’t be overstated. If you’re used to walking around daily life feeling like you’re relatively fit then it’s a major shock.

  5. Glad to hear you having a great time down in Florida.

    Jeff, on the leaderboard for Griff, I’m not sure my time should count as I ran this workout at the track. Those are optimal conditions, I’m sure my time would be different using the CFI course. Not sure how you want to regulate that standard, but my opinion is that the leaderboard should use the CFI course as the standard in the case of running WODs as the course will make a difference in the time/performance.

    Maybe some other people could chime in with their thoughts, but that’s my opinion.

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