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  1. That’s my boy, Alec, 10. He can do full-depth HSPU’s while I’m still struggling to get to 1 abmat. He’s a baseball player and hopes the HSPU’s will improve his prowess with the batt.

  2. 315, 335, 355, 365, 315 I was gassed after the 365, but previously that was my 1RM. I never realized that the deadlift had so much technique. Thanks so much to Hudson and David for all of your DL technique work. It has helped a ton. I can’t wait for the day when my 1RM DL starts with a 4!!!!!!

  3. Great afternoon class today! I really enjoyed working with everyone today. I love lifting days b/c you can actually talk to one another in between lifts 🙂

    Good day for me on Deadlift
    175-185-195-200- 210(PR) — Was able to pull 210 three times — 205 was my previous 1RM.

  4. Awesome work, Christina. After a long plateau on your deadlift, you’re now advancing quickly. Congrats.

    Greg, at 365×3 you probably aren’t far from 400×1. Keep at it and the next 1×7 day you may surprise yourself.

  5. At 4:30 I went on a run today ~4miles this is by far the longest I have been able to run since the Liz Hurley race 2009. I was crawling towards the end, put I finished the run without having to stop due to knee pain. Total time 44:45 half way mark 20:03. Overall, happy with my progress.

  6. Got the official call from my doc today on my back. She informed me that as suspected L4 and L5 disk is buldged but not to bad as well as the disk between L5 and S1. What she did tell me that I didn’t know is I have abnormal bone growth on my L5 vertebra that is going to lead to surgery sometime in my future. She doesn’t think it will be anytime soon but the bone is growing abnormally and is getting very close to the nerve endings and will start impeding at some point in my future. She told me that I can jump back into Crossfit as soon as I want and start working out but take it easy for the first few weeks to let my back get use to the core stability again, and by the way I am REALLY pissed I missed a DL day. I’ll be back very soon and I am charging back into it head strong yet again.

    Good news no surgery and even better news this was NOT cause by working out. This injury has been waiting to go for a number of years.

    1. Awesome new, bro. Glad to hear there is no surgery required at this point! Will be good to have you back in there again, missed having you around.

      Just be sensible about it though. Dont get overly head strong. Even though CrossFit didnt cause the injury, there is an injury present, regardless of what caused it. Gradually get back into it. Scale that junk down for a while so it STAYS a bulge, and hopefully shrinks. Just my 2 cents…..I dont want to see you in the waiting room at Spine & Neuro.

      Looking forward to the trash talk when you get back man! Hurry back!!!

      1. Thanks and trust me trash talk will occur but I am gonna take it slow. I imagine no DL or BS PR’s anytime soon but it will be good to be back and as long as I take it slow I will be good to go.

  7. First time doing deadlifts on a strictly lifting day, 2nd time ever. Felt strong and got fairly positive feedback on my form. I look forward to trying a single Rep max. 315-345-365-385-405

  8. I saw and heard of so many people that pulled their previous PR 3 times today that it would be difficult to name them all. Really proud of all of you and your progress. Also got several athletes worked into deadlifting for the first time. Everybody attacked it pretty aggressively. Had to get a few of the ladies to back off a little to keep the back tight. Hey, I’d rather write speeding tickets than parking tickets. Andrew’s 405×3 after having never seriously deadlifted in his life is absolutely astonishing.

  9. Awesome work on deadlift from everyone this afternoon! I am glad I programmed it. I agree with Jeff. There were too many people setting PRs to remember them all. Andrew pulled 405 with little experience deadlifting. That is crazy! Glad to welcome Caroline with us during her stay in the area.

  10. 205-215-225-245-275

    Previous 1 rep max of 235. I had not done a 3 rep before.

    Decided to see what I could do with 1 rep after the WOD. Got to 300, though it was barely legit and my form was terrible. Same goes for my last couple of sets in the WOD. Gotta work on that.

  11. Today I PRed. Does it matter that it was my first crossfit workout ever? 😉

    95-105-115-135-125. I was proud because I lifted more than I weigh which was my goal. Jeff, thanks for encouraging me to back off. I tend to be competetive as I want to be as good as everyone else. I forget it takes time. I definitely want to master technique before weight.

    It’s great to meet everyone. Looking forward to this journey with you guys. 🙂

    1. I am looking forward to it as well Erin! Looking forward to training with you.

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