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  1. This pic rocks. I had the honor of being at this workout and seeing it first hand. Megan glanced at the kettlebell with this look of disgust, like it was human and had somehow wronged her family. It was awesome.

  2. Haha thanks guys, and for the record that pood did disgust me. Glad steven peer pressured me into it though. Wed looks like another tough one, see y’all bright and early!

  3. First. What exactly is a pood? I’m sure I should know this. Second, glad I made it to the 5:30 class this morning. Good workout and I look forward to improving. I don’t like being a weakling lol.

  4. Love this picture!! It was great seeing all the new faces this morning…..Welcome everyone!
    4 rounds completed: first 2 rounds with 85lbs front squat and last 2 with 65lbs……I just couldn’t clean it off the floor after two rounds so I had to drop the weight. Did kipping pullups and 3x double-unders…

  5. Need to learn to do pull-ups with hands on front of the bar. Behind bar is easier for me. Need to try to kip. I presently struggle.

    Felt like I could have squatted a lot more than the 115 lb I did for 3 rounds (or was it 4?). But cleaning it to start the round will limit me as I am weak up top.

    Didn’t attempt double unders. Just whipped out 60 singles. I will save a lot of time when I try the double unders.

    I liked throwing the medicine ball around in warmups. I could do that all day long.

    Thanks Clem for the instruction today.

    I have so much energy right now. I want to break stuff. So, I probably didn’t leave enough in the gym.

  6. 3 rounds of 75lbs, kipping pullups and double unders. I had some seconds to spare at the end and couldnt seem to bring myself to lift that dang bar! But after seeing Melissa Fowler’s face of “come on girl!” I had to lift it up and complete my 5 squats post WOD. Also, this was my first WOD going full kip. The legitamacy of some of those could be questionable so I threw in a couple extra just in case. My double unders also got better. I was able to link 3 a couple of times and managed to cut myself with the rope..dont know how that happened! Overall..good workout!

    I loved that it was a big class with new faces! Everyone did awesome!!! I will be out of town the rest of the week…see you all next week!

  7. Erin, kettlebells came to us from Russia and are traditionally denominated in an archaic Russian unit of mass, the pood, which is 16 kilograms.

    3/4 pood = 12 kg = 26 lb
    1 pood = 16 kg = 35 lbs
    1.5 pood = 24 kg = 53 lbs
    2 pood = 32 kg = 70 lbs

    Those are the most common sizes you will see in our box. Some more interesting info on kettlebells at the wikipedia link below.


    1. Jeff,
      How many Courics are in 1 Pood? I couldn’t find it on Google, but figured you might have come across it in your research.

  8. I was exhausted this morning before I even started. Shoulda rested after the DL day yesterday. Oh well. It was a pleasure meeting the new folks (being that I have only been here like 2 and a half months). The morning crew is growing by leaps and bounds. LOVE IT!!!

  9. It was good working out early this am, like Eric I still have lots of energy left! I did 5 rounds of 61lbs, band assisted PU, and 3x singles. Probably will up my weight next time on the FS (hard to clean) and lower the resistance of the band on the PU.

  10. Thanks, Jeff.

    Not that I’m thrilled to post this low weight, I feel good about what i did after successfully doing deadlifts yesterday up to 135 lbs (although more successfully at 125).

    4x (31 lb- don’t laugh) + PU with band + 60 singles

  11. Sad I didn’t make it in today. Went to turn my alarm off and fell on the floor. Needless to say, I spent my time yoga stretching to loosen up my legs

  12. 4 and 2/3 rounds. Started with 115 lbs and dropped to 95 after the first two rounds. Should’ve used 105. Also sub’d kipping PU’s and 3x singles. The front squats were hard after deadlift yesterday. However, the worst was trying to maintain intensity doing the WOD alone. WHERE WERE YOU LUNCH TIME CREW?

    Also, had a friend of mine, Michelle, drop by to watch the WOD. She’s interested in signing up for the next fundamentals class. I tried to put on a good show for her, but suggested she really come by this afternoon to watch a full crew go at it.

    1. Sorry Davy: I hit the am WOD. I do so love the lunch crew as well though. I will be there tomorrow.

  13. 3rounds + 15 with 85lbs… a little more then half of my pullups were chest to bar, and as usual double-unders killed me on this wod. This one was as much mental as it was physical for me. Enjoyed working out with the 6:15 class! 5:00 class did great on this WOD. It is always a pleasure to coach you all!

  14. 5 rnds + 5FS + 8CTB PUs @ 135 lbs

    Tough workout…it was funny to see everyone hit the floor after 12 minutes at the 5 class. Props to the Fulty, Jakub, and Scott for going prescribed weight from the floor.

  15. 6 rounds + 5 reps

    The first round was Rx’d at 185-lbs from the ground. However, when I came back to the bar after pull-ups and double-unders, I missed 185 twice and decided take some weight off. My previous 1RM power clean was 185. It’s not fun “doing a 1RM just to get things started” (quote courtesy of Jeff). I reduced the weight to 155-lbs. to finish out the WOD.

  16. Wanted to mention Russell for going almost prescribed (165 lbs) from the floor in yesterday’s 6:15, plus making a great score to boot. Nice job.

    1. Thanks for the props Jeff.

      Scaled the front squat to 165.
      Score: 4 rounds + 1 front squat

      Chasing Jordan the whole time. She could rep out the pullups and double unders faster than me. I seemed to catch up a bit on the front squat, but not enough. She asked me what round I was on during my pullups on round 3, I couldn’t talk and could only hold my fingers up, but I wanted to say, “Don’t worry, you are ahead of me.”

      As much as I began to tire on the later rounds, I like the heavier lift metcons. Feel like I get more strength training in there.

      Props to everyone for working on this WOD. Heavy front squats tire your legs and make the double unders harder.

  17. 3 rds + 27 reps @ 135 # squat.
    The DUs slowed me down. I wasn’t able to string more than two or three together until the fourth round. I knocked out 8 or 9 in a row to almost complete the fourth round. Oh well, maybe next time. I had a great time in the afternoon class. I’m usually a lunch guy. I’ll see you today, Davy.

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