8 thoughts on “Thursday 10 June

  1. Did the 5-5-5-5-5 DL at the box in rancho: 95, 105, 115, 135, 145. PR by 10-lbs.

    One thing that I thought was different was the advice of the trainer to start off light so that you wouldn’t fail in your last reps. However, lifting the 145-lbs five times was a bit challenging at the end. Also, everyone lifted and brought the bar back down. No one really dropped the bar ever! I thought that was pretty cool! I dropped it a couple of times during my last rep. Don’t know if that was good or bad. I did get kuddos from the trainer on my form and for using the reverse grip! 🙂 thanks CFI trainers! Overall, it was a great time at the box.

    hopefully the 1RM on this one comes around soon I want to move past 145

    1. Awesome job Yaneth! I am sure if you can PR by 10lbs x5 you will be well past that on your 1RM! Glad we trained you well to impress other trainers… you little show-off 😉 Work your magic!

  2. 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Box Squats
    I really liked doing these. You definitely know when you’ve reached the bottom of your squat since there’s a box down there, or in my case a stack of weights. Thanks for partnering up with me Davy.

  3. 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Box Squats

    For 2 of the rounds, tried 75#, but my form fell apart. I need to work on “powering” up. I wanted to just sit on the box and relax!!

  4. 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Box Squats
    135# x 5, 145# x 5

    Thanks to Christina for all the coaching. Could have maybe gone up to 155#, but only the second time doing back squats at CFI. As a new member, these strength days are great times to work on form and get the trainers advice. Gone for a couple days. Look forward to starting up again on Monday!

  5. Was great to get Katie integrated into our 6:15. Everybody was really keeping their shins vertical and nailing the box squats. Strong work.

    Justin, we often program strength days on main site rest days for just that reason. Strength is a weakness for many of us, myself included. Strength days allow us to work on that weakness and help you improve technique a little more than using hurried shouts between rounds while you’re racing the clock.

  6. Box Squats: 1 set at 115#, 8 sets at 95#,1 set at 105#.

    I, along with Brittany, made up yesterday’s WOD afterward (12 min. AMRAP: 5 Front Squats (scaled to 95#), 10 Chest to Bar PU’s, 20 Double Unders)

    5 rnds + 5 FS, 6 CtB.

    It was rough to say the least. It’s really hard to keep up the intensity on those short AMRAP’s. Thanks to Christina for pushing me and Brittany for giving me someone to compete with.

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