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  1. Time: 16:47 Rx’d

    Pushups were the weak link. Had to break them up in sets of 5 and sometimes 2’s on the later rounds.
    Able to do the pullups unbroken, made sure each time I got up on the pullup bar that I had enough energy to pump out the reps without stopping. Squats I kept at a good pace, but never screamed through them. Squats always seem like the movement that I need to keep at a steady pace to allow myself to breath but also not so fast that I have to rest during the set of 15 reps.

    Nice to see a good sized morning class. People were working hard this morning.

    Worked on double unders after the WOD, thinking is if I can do double-unders while I’m tired I should get better. Have to stay relaxed to keep the rope going on a good rhythm to keep from catching my feet and being tired forces me to relax as I don’t have much gas to try and muscle the rope. Able to get 69 unbroken, enough for second on the leaderboard. I hung it up after that, it seems I go from 7 or 8 unbroken to a higher number and then I’m done. Need to work on consistency to see if I can do 3 sets of 20 on command.

  2. Russell, awesome doubleunder PR!

    I highly suggest watching the video of Mikko linked above. My summary is that the fittest man in the world has cleaned up his diet and improved his strength, metcons, and flexibility. I can’t wait to watch him on the live stream next month. I also can’t wait to watch Rich Froning. It’s one thing to watch Mikko, who I suspect is a mutant, but I’ve never seen or competed with in person. It’s a totally different thing to watch Rich, who I know is a mutant, because I’ve watched him in person and competed with him.

  3. Did this WOD at work…13:39 Rx’d (dead hang Pull-ups) Pandora really motivated me for this one!

    Also, Kristin and I apologize for not participating with the CFI family in daily WOD’ s here recently. Our lab had her puppies last Saturday and they have demanded most of our free time. We are doing good if we can even get a home workout in! Things will be back to normal as soon as we find good homes for our pups.

  4. 22:09 Rx’d
    I was all alone today. David did a good job of simulating more people, but it just wasn’t the same. I was able to do the pull-ups unbroken. I was able to do the push-ups unbroken for the first 5 or 6 rounds. I was pretty much unable to do the squats unbroken a single time. My legs are tore up from this week’s WODs, and they are my weakest link for sure. It was still nice finishing a WOD rx’d.

  5. I scaled and did silver (10rounds)
    Time: 14:11
    Did mostly rx’d until the last 3 rounds had to drop to the knees on the way up on some of my pushups. Great morning class!

  6. 17:23 at Chapman Elementary

    Erin and I did it across the road at the school today since we had the day off and it was so nice outside. It is a totally different atmosphere not doing it at CFI. I realized why I needed to join because I need the push from other people to finish. Found out today that i need to push through squats and regulate breathing rather than breaking up reps to get done quicker. The wife almost killed herself today, she ran 3 miles to gym, did stair stepper for 30 minutes and got 13 sets of the WOD done.

  7. 13:52 Rx’d
    Tried to keep track of the rounds in my head…not a good idea.
    Rest day for me tomorrow! Yay!!

  8. Thanks for posting the “Training Naked” article. Me and Jakub were talking about the pros and cons of weight belts the other day this helps with the decision.

    Spent the morning doing some standard Marine Corps PT. About 3mi. of really slow running and pre workout stretching. Then about 2 more miles of running Marines to the end of their PFT. I really wish the military would figure out that their fitness programs don’t work.

  9. 12:34 ~rx’d — Push-ups were questionable after the first ten rounds — I struggled keeping the plank the whole time. ALso, got called out on a lot of my squats… thanks for keeping me honest Jeff 🙂 Only thing I did do really well on today was my pullups. I was able to link all my pullups and made it unbroken for all 15 rounds. Overall, good workout — met Pukie today for the second time in my CrossFit career. First time was on Eva.

    1. Omg, Christina! You are a beast!! I’m super impressed with you. Great job, girl 🙂

  10. 22:03

    First 6 rounds were rx’d. On the last 9 rounds I had to do inclined pushups on the bench.

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