Monday 14 June

For time:
Row 500 meters
Body weight Bench press, 30 reps
Row 1000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 20 reps
Row 2000 meters
Body weight Bench press, 10 reps

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The Men’s competition at the South Central Regional, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Let the Games Begin” – video [wmv] [mov]

21 thoughts on “Monday 14 June

  1. Can someone bring a scale tomorrow? I’m really not sure what my body weight is these days.
    Last time I did this WOD was 5/20/09 and my time was 27:34 using 95#. I hope to either PR on time or go up in weight this time. We’ll see what happens….

  2. Was David using the camera in this pic?
    Can’t tell if the focus is on Jeff or the girl in the pink shorts in the background… heh…

    Went semi-Gold scale on this WOD:

    Sumo deadlift high-pull at 95 lb. 25x instead of 500m row
    Bench press 30x at 135 lb.
    Row 1km
    BP 20x at 135 lb.
    Row 2km
    BP 10x at 135 lb.

    Time: 22:30

    I think Christina had fun running around as a jump in spotter on the bench a few times.
    Rowing is horrible for me, I’d rather run twice the distance. Not kidding.
    I made myself do the longer distance and only sub the SDHP for the 500m row.
    Focused on my form and tried to make each pull “efficient”, push with legs, keep arms straight until full extension, and lean back as far as possible. Even focusing on form it still feels like I’m sucking wind the whole time. My arms were roasted during this which made rowing hard. My legs could go faster, but my arms weren’t there to keep up. This is a nice push/pull WOD, keeps your arms working the whole time.

    Nice sized morning class with everyone working hard, a lot of work on the arms which don’t have as much endurance as your legs.

    Did some strength work after:
    Press 3×5 at 75 lb.
    Back squat 3×5 at 185 lb.

  3. 500m row
    Bench press 30x at 135 lb.
    Sumo deadlift high-pull at 95 lb. 25x
    BP 20x at 135 lb.
    Row 2km
    BP 10x at 135 lb.

    Time: 22:24

    68% body weight. I think I need focused WODs on Upper Body strength. I seem to always have trouble. The SDHP was smacking me in the chin because I could fire my hips but the bench press was quite tough at 20 reps.

  4. I did a make-shift prego version of this workout

    500 meter row
    45lb shoulder press/push press x 30
    750 meter row
    45lb shoulder press/push press x 20
    SDHPx 25 can’t remember the weight sub for the 1000 m row
    45lb push press x 10

    I got way overheated and almost lost my cookies during the 750m row so I choose to do SDHP for the last 1000m. Great job to Christina for coordinating this workout, we had a lot of people this morning. Everyone worked hard!

  5. I suppose this WOD pic is justice for going cliff diving while Christina taught the Sunday class.

  6. 28:35 or so with 210lbs. That is a bit below my BW, but it killed me at the end. Steven, thanks for the spot at the end. I think I would still be under that bar for the final rep if you weren’t there. The rows were rough, but I like rowing. I would like to try a 5k some time when things aren’t too busy. The bench was easy at the beginning and nearly impossible at the end. Still sweating out my low rep, high weight, terrible form, fingerless glove, medium shirt, Globo Gym days I guess. It was nice to bench again though AND on a Monday no less!!!!! I haven’t benched since joining your ranks. Christina thanks for the form corrections. They made a huge difference as usual.

  7. Haha, we are doing bench press on Monday, aren’t we? Nostalgia.

  8. Great workout this morning. I did mostly Silver although I still couldn’t bench half my body weight. Ended up doing closer to 35-40% of my body weight. Still figuring out what my body can do because I was done at 17:35 and felt I could have done more, so I rowed another 500 M, did another set of 10 bench presses, and then tried more weight to max out on the bench.

    Christina’s instruction on driving through the heels on the bench was critical and makes quite a difference. My glutes are tight as a result lol. Thanks, Christina for working with me. Also, I would like to reiterate how nice it is to be in a place where everyone is encouraging and supportive of each other. Makes a HUGE difference. I’m personally insecure about what I can and can’t do, but I’m very encouraged by everyone so I’m not as embarrassed. Thanks!

  9. Round 1: 155# for 26 reps, 135# for 4 reps
    Round 2: 135#
    Round 3: rowed 1100m
    I stopped after 25 minutes cuz I had to attend meeting. I think I’d have finished around the 30 minute mark. I hate the rowing machine. Tuesday’s WOD is my fault.

  10. EA, don’t be insecure, we all know you’re weak…there’s no need to hide it. Haha, I’m just kidding man.

    I feel the same about CFI. It’s nice to know that people are always willing to encourage and praise my effort, so long as I’m working hard. And that’s the other part of what I like about Impulse, people keep me honest. If I’m not working hard, or taking too long of a break, someone will step in and tell me to work harder. That may not always be “encouraging” at the time, but you don’t become a better athelete by being told “hey, you’re doing awesome” all of the time.

    I did this in around 30 min, but I don’t put too much stock into that time. I was rotating with two other guys on the bench press. Regardless of the time, I got a great workout, and got to interact with more people because of the setup at CFI, which was a good thing. I did the recommended gold, but with the prescribed reps. 75% of my body weight is 165 exactly, which turned out to be a great weight for me. I haven’t bench pressed in so long, and the last time I did, I could only get 165 up 6 times. So, it was cool to put 165 up 15 times consecutively in my first round. Although, I failed twice on my last bench press rep and needed a little help from Greg to get it back on the rack. I rowed the 500 (1:36) and the 1000m (can’t remember, around 3:40) and did Sumo DLPs in place of the 2000m row.

    Also, I tried Jeff’s recommendations to help alleviate shoulder pain doing bench presses. I have a weak/sore rotator cuff in both shoulders, and the bench press has always been one of the most painful and difficult weight lifting moves for me, along with pull-ups and shoulder flys. So, I moved my hands closer together and attempted to bend the bar “in” towards my body on each rep. Honestly, I can’t remember one rep yesterday where I felt pain in my shoulder like I would have before. I think those tips combined with the strength I’ve gained in my shoulders from doing Crossfit enabled me to bench press with no shoulder pain. Thanks Jeff, I don’t think you understand how much of a difference that makes to me.

    1. um, andrew, that was me saying i felt insecure. I think Eric is much better than I 🙂


      1. That’s the second time I’ve mistaken you for Eric. One of you needs to post under a nickname, or both. You’re Rinny, and Eric is EA. Use them when posting from now on, because that “n” is sneaky. Or maybe the “c” is the sneaky one…

  11. I’m glad everyone was able to get a good workout yesterday despite the challenges of our limitations with rowers, benches, and racks.

    Erin, I’m glad you don’t feel self-conscious in our gym. There really isn’t any reason to be self-conscious or embarrassed, because it doesn’t matter where we are, only where we’re going. For everyone you might perceive as stronger or fitter than you in our gym, there is someone equally stronger or fitter than them. That certainly applies to me as well. So anyone that would belittle your performance certainly lacks some perspective.

    Andrew, that’s awesome my advice on bench press alleviated your shoulder pain. I can’t take credit for the technique. I picked it up from either Louie Simmons or Mark Rippetoe, although I can’t remember which. As you mentioned, comparing times with this one is difficult because of the bench press rotation. But it appeared you guys were going at it 100%, so I’m sure the WOD was effective, nonetheless.

  12. This was my first day back on after 2 weeks of rest. During those two weeks I worked out once with the team WOD from the last Fundamentals, and I did watersports each weekend. So it wasn’t two weeks of bed rest, but complete rest with one WOD and intermittent active rest. Was exactly what I needed. By yesterday I was really itching to work out again, and that was not the case even 5-7 days after regionals.

    3 Rounds
    25 GHD situps
    25 hip extensions
    Time 5:04

    Then ran 3.9 miles, untimed. Looking forward to continuing to work back in today.

  13. Furthermore, the ‘n’ in Erin must only be turned 90 degrees counter clockwise to make the ‘c’ for Eric. Sneaky indeed.

  14. Row 500 meters
    45lb Bench press, 30 reps
    Row 1000 meters
    45lb Bench press, 20 reps
    Row 2000 meters
    45lb Bench press, 10 reps

    I could have gone heavier on the bench press but its the first time I’ve done them so I wasn’t sure what weight to use.

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