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  1. A. love the pic 🙂

    2. This workout was a good reprieve from the last few which have been really hard for me. Not that this one was easy per se, but the runs were a much needed change for my body, I think.

    Rx: 20-19-19-20-19-18-20-20-19-19; I’m confident I would have shaved time were it not for the turn around. Regardless, I’m pleased with my consistency.

    As always, enjoyed the company this morning. Have a good day, everyone!

  2. Measured out a 100m (328 ft.) course with Justin for this WOD.

    Times: 14.5 – 14.7 – 14.8 – 14.7 – 15.9 – 15.9 – 16.3 – 16.7 – 15.4 – 14.4

    We ran uphill each time and walked downhill. The walking part took nearly 90s each time.
    We waited an extra 15s before the last sprint to get a little more out of it.
    Suggest people bringing a watch with a stopwatch function if possible, makes it a little simpler to get splits.
    Also, you can use the straight course where you don’t have to turn around at 50m to run back inside for the clock.
    Make sure those legs are nice and warm for max effort sprints, I got their late and my right IT band is not liking me right now.

    I checked out my heart rate data for this and I think it messed up and picked up the power lines or something, says my HR was 228 bpm on the first sprint, but then dropped to 175 on the second one… weird.

    Data goodness here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/37282158

    This is a fun one as a 100m sprint is an event I want to improve on. On May 15 I ran in a track meet and got 12.55s on the 100m.
    The 10x reps adds a conditioning element to it. Consistency is the name of the game on this one.

  3. Those of you planning to come this afternoon for this run, please bring a watch with a stop watch function or a stop watch. I would like to set up 100m at the end of Castle Dr in the cul-de-sac area for a straight flat running course. We can make it work if we have enough stop watches. See you this afternoon.

  4. I am not going to lie….I was just lazy this morning. Programmed a WOD here at the house, didn’t get to time it due to having to work around Ava and two dogs 🙂

    5 rounds:
    Pistons x 10 ( 5 each leg)
    Lunges with 10lb weight x 20 ( 10 each leg)
    Push ups x 10
    Dead hang pull ups x 5 on our doorway pull up bar ( didn’t do kipping due to the heart attack I give my husband).
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Melissa, that workout doesn’t sound too lazy! Nice programming. Looks pretty difficult.

  6. A flat course?

    That’s for weenies, David.
    Ha ha… Just kidding.

    Good luck to everyone on this WOD.
    Maybe we can get a CFI track team together.

  7. Gonna do this one at home tonight or tomorrow. Y’all have fun. I’m gonna hang with some much neglected friends during lunch today.

  8. Got to say where was everyone for the lunch class? afraid of a little heat? Would have been nice to have someone else there for Hudson to yell at. 🙂 Did the uphill run like Russell did. Also used five fingers with an attempt to do Pose, times around 15 -17 each round.

    I enjoyed something simple today after yesterday’s crazy head dizziness WOD!

  9. 13.25(?),14.14,13.92,14.49,13.39,15.24,14.74,16.68,14.83,14.14

    I forgot to start my watch on the first one, so I just added some to Patrick’s time, since he finished ahead of me.

    I agree with Jeff that running this in a group really improved everyone’s time because we were all pushing each other.

  10. I used the GPS in my iPhone along with my pace count from Land Navigation training to approximate 100m. My wife said my 100m was long compared to this morning’s WOD, but a few extra meters shouldn’t hurt too bad.
    16.18, 14.69, 14.73, 14.90, 15.16, 15.44, 15.05, 14.98, 15.75, 14.86

  11. Rx: 21,18,19,19,19,19,19,18,19,19;

    I would also like to share how funny it was that Mike woke up at 5:45 this morning and had no idea where I had gone.Lol. A big thanks to Christina for convincing me to get my butt out of bed that early in the AM (:

  12. Really enjoyed today’s WOD with everyone. I’m too tired and it’s too late to post all my splits. Rounds 1-6, Patrick and Ryan got me. Rounds 7-9 I came back and won. On round 10 Lonny ran me down.

  13. Everyone did great at the 5:30AM class! Some really tight races. Katie you are welcome… hope to see you next Friday 🙂

    I did the workout with the 6:15 class. Enjoyed running with everyone today. Thanks Erin B. for putting the pressure on!

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