3 thoughts on “Saturday 19 June

  1. The mobility clinic was awesome! I thought 4 hours was a long time, but there was so much information I almost wish it was longer. I worked with Jay a little bit in the past but we never talked in depth about why I needed to do the alignment exercises or what was going on physiologically. It was also cool to learn how to do the tests on other athletes. I tested Zan when I got home. From what I gather she has the same forward pelvis rotation that I have. Her shoulders were a little more difficult for me to figure out, but they are both restricted at the internal rotation. I would like one of you guys to test her at CFI later to see if I’m right. Thank you Jay for an amazing class and I’m looking forward to seeing improvement in my body and in performance…hopefully.

  2. The mobility clinic this morning was great. I learned a lot and even put some of it into practice with some family members tonight.

  3. Mobility clinic was great. Even though Im lucky enough to get to work with Jay everyday, hearing about the things he talked about at the clinic never gets old. Very interesting stuff. Hope everyone can make it to the next one!

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