Monday 28 June

Perform the following sequence for 18 minutes:

2 power clean and jerk

200m run

You choose your starting load. You must increase the load each round, even if only by 5 lbs, but you may increase the load as much as you wish. Both reps must be completed for the load to count towards your score. After you fail on clean and jerk, perform burpess for any remaining time. Final score is the sum of all loads successfully cleaned and jerked plus any burpees performed.

Example: Betsy decides to begin at 40 lbs. She successfully performs 2 clean and jerks with 40 lbs and then runs 200m. She then increases her load to 45 lbs, succeeds, and then runs 200m. She continues this cycle and advances by 5 lbs each round until she fails to jerk 75 lbs. At that point 2 minutes are left on the clock, so she performs 10 burpees in the remaining time. Her final score is 40+45+50+55+60+65+70+10= 395

Post score to comments.

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19 thoughts on “Monday 28 June

  1. I enjoyed today’s WOD. That strategy involved gave it a nice twist.

    Loads (lbs): 95, 115, 125, 145, 155, 160, 165 –> 960 lbs
    I was about to have to start on the burpees. The clock saved me. 165# is a PR for the Power Clean and Jerk.

  2. Is it sick and twisted to say I had fun today? haha. I liked the pace and the added element of “punishment” via burpees.

    I did: 31-36-41-46-51-56-61 for a total of 322 Rx

    I’m starting to finally feel like a stronger person. Did 20 pullups on the blue band which is an improvement for me. Jeff, thanks for the encouragement/ instruction on the power clean and jerk. You helped me a lot.

  3. This was Fun….I should have been more aggressive with my loads, but at least I didn’t have to do burpees :).

    Loads: 31, 36, 46, 51, 56, 61, 71(PR) – Total 352

  4. Great morning class, as usual. Everyone was hustling, trying to earn the highest score possible. In particular, Erin was really pushing her clean and jerk to the limit. She completed 61 lbs and was really diving deep to get under the clean. Nobody failed and had to go to burpees. In retrospect, changing weights was a significant time drain for everyone, so this would probably be better if extended to 20 minutes. Thanks for your feedback, positive or negative. I’ll be doing this one this afternoon to experience it myself.

    Morning WOD:
    from last Wednesday
    3 Rounds
    15 kettlebell thrusters (53 lb)
    30 GHD situps
    Time 8:08

  5. Weights: 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 130, 135, 145, 155, 185x
    TOTAL: 1210

    Ran out of time for 185. Only got to clean it then the clock was done. Decided to do it after a few minutes of rest, I was able to Power Clean & Jerk it twice. The first rep was better than the second. As I fatigue I want to use my arms more than my legs, which isn’t smart as your legs are always stronger than your arms.

    Last couple of WODs that I’ve been to have pushed me strength-wise. Really like that as I want to see some big strength gains at the next Total. Strategy is heavily involved for this one, luckily I talked to Jeff before starting and he guessed it on the money that I would get about 10 rounds in the 18 minutes. As usual, the first rounds go faster than the later ones. Tried to start with a weight where I would only be able to go up about 5 pounds per round and I had the weights I needed nearby: 2.5, 5, 10, 25 bumper, 45 bumper. Went with the spring collars as the clamps are harder to get off, this seemed to save some time. The run is a fast jog to slow run as you don’t want to use too much here or you risk losing lift capacity. Tried to go full bore the last 5 minutes with lifting as fast and as hard as I could and then running faster. I think this was the right idea, but I didn’t push it fast enough at the end to get round 11 in at 185 pounds. I took a big jump there as I knew it would be the last one and decided to go big or go home, unfortunately I was sent home packing.

    Did some strength work afterwards of Squat 3×5 at 195 lb.

    Then I did the back stretch we learned about in the Postural Restoration Clinic. Hopefully that will help get my hips back in proper alignment.

    Saw a lot of hard work this morning and it is a great crew to work with. Even though someone is out of breath they are cheering you on. Really great to have that support and motivation.

    Got to see Jeff “The Fury” Barnett do a WOD of KB thrusters and GHD situps after class. Tried to push him, but frankly he doesn’t need it. He seems to game it pretty well and work really hard on his own. Those GHD situps are no joke.

  6. 835 RX. Thought that keeping a slow steady pace would reserve my energy for bigger lifts. did five rounds ending with 170. Definitely should have paced my loads and gone through more rounds.

  7. 65-75-80-85-90-95-100-105-115
    Score: 810 Rx’d.

    Should have probably been a little more aggressive with my loads.

    I liked this one. It was physically challenging while also requiring some strategy. Good programming, Jeff.

  8. Wish I had been there this morning. I helped people move out of their old house for about 8 hours yesterday, which I felt was sufficient for at least 3 days worth of xfit wods…. See yall in the morning!

    1. Megan: “Hey Erin, you should totally do crossfit. I love it!”
      Erin: “Really? I don’t know. The only time I could go would be the morning class.”
      Megan: “That’s when I go!!”
      Erin: “Oh, cool. Well then I will definitely join.”

      3 weeks later, and we’ve worked out together twice. And one time was after work. lol.

  9. 36, 41, 46, 51, 56, 61, 66, 71, 71 – Total 499
    Huds cut me off at 71# so I just did the last one again.
    250 m rows instead of the 200 m run
    Great programming, Jeff! I really enjoyed this one.

  10. I did the WOD this evening and enjoyed it. Availability of plates somewhat drove my load choices as the WOD progressed, but it was definitely fun. I think the short term goals of choosing your load each round gave me something else to think about other than how hard I was working. I totalled 1398, which included 13 burpees after I failed on 230. I went from 135-205 successfully. Power cleaned 230, which ties my PR, but couldn’t jerk it.

    Jakub had the right strategy: start heavy and move up slowly.

    Learning point for me as a coach and an athlete on this one was that absolute strength isn’t affected nearly as much as I would think by 15-18 minutes of running and working up in a movement. Many people were hitting PRs or getting very close on their last rounds after all that fatigue.

  11. Really enjoyed this one — As everyone else has already stated I started too low and did not increase enough weight enough or I did not run fast enough 🙂 Either way I felt I could have done more. Total was 505. After I did a 95 Power Clean and Jerk and then 105lb which is a 5lb PR for me. Tried 110 put could not get under it… oh well next time 🙂 Enjoyed coaching the 5PM class everyone did great. Was really impressed with everyones will to push through the workout. I also had a blast working out with the 6:15 class — you guys really made me push it! Overall, a great day at CFI!

  12. 1575 Rx. Had a lot of fun with this one. Started at 135 and increased 5# each time till 180.

  13. 95 – 115 – 125 – 135 – 155 – 165 – 175 – 185

    Total of 1150 rx’d

    Wish I would have done like Hudson and started at 135. Feel like I wasted a couple of the early rounds. Pretty much hit my max on the last round. After the WOD, I tried to get 195, and failed on a couple of attempts. So I guess I guessed correctly on my progression in later rounds.

    This is a 20 pound PR for me today. Last time I tried max power clean, I could only do 165. This time, I PR’d by 20 pounds…and put it overhead. So Im pretty pumped about that. Awesome 6:15 class today. Was fun watching Ryan and Greg F put on a power clean clinic.

  14. Rest day for me.

    I enjoyed coaching the 6:15 class. Kudos to Greg, Daniel, Christina, Brittany, and Ryan (both) for their PRs! Greg and Ryan B. claimed 1 and 2 on the leader board for power clean. Christina pulled 110 high enough. She just has to drop under it. Great work everyone! It’s always fun for me to witness PRs and hard work.

  15. 1345 total. I really messed up at the beginning by not starting at a higher weight, I jumped from 95 to 135 after the first round. And I couldn’t get the weights on in time at the end to move up to 185, but Christina gave me the reps at 175, thanks Christina. I went ahead and did 3 reps of the Clean and Jerk at 185 after the workout. I did all three successfully and I really probably could have moved up 10 or 20 more pounds for my final round. It was a fun workout and gave me a good sense of the progress I’m making. I did a WOD shortly after joining CFI, and my max Jerk was around 150, so I’m definitely progressing there. It feels good to know that I’m improving. Also, getting better at pull-ups! No more stupid green band, or blue band!

  16. 165-175-185-195-205-215-220- then failed at 225, but was able to get in 10 burpees in the time that was left.

    Total: 1370

    After WOD was over succeeded at 225 in both power clean and push jerk which were both PRs. I really liked this WOD nice programming Jeff.

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