Tuesday 29 June

Greg jerking 200 plus overhead

Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters

The barbells must be turned around the cone.

Laurie Galassi 17:34 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Pat Barber 18:22, Rob Orlando 18:23 (with 20lb vest), Rebecca Voigt 23:39 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs), Elyse Umeda 24:07 (125lbs / 14lbs / 65lbs), Kristan Clever 26:26 (115lbs / 16lbs / 65lbs). Post time to comments.

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Nadia Shatila completes 100 pull-ups in 2:53 – video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo at CrossFit Santa Cruz – video [wmv] [mov]

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday 29 June

  1. Good workout today. I scaled this but it didn’t really fall into Silver or Bronze. Maybe a combo??

    16:53; 5x:
    55# overhead walk
    20 WB shots
    26# KB (each arm) farmers walk

    Technically, Silver was like 65# but considering the highest I went yesterday on the clean and jerk was 61#, I didn’t think I could do 65#. 55# was hard but I might have been able to do 60#. Wasn’t sure though. Also, silver suggestion was to do 4 rounds, but I felt good enough to do 5.

    The worst part is turning around the cones and doing 2/3 of the workout outside. Glad I did it at 5:30am 🙂

  2. Everyone did great and pushed hard in the two morning classes. This was definitly one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I was only able to finish 4 rounds before I ran out of time 32: something.

  3. Finished in 21:31

    I went with 135 overhead, and the 2 pood kettlebells for the carries. Tough workout. Farmer carries are another one of my favorite “exercises”. Especially when you go with uneven weight, or even put one arm over head. Adds a fun element to it.

    Amazing to watch some of you hoss daddys doing the walk with 185 overhead. Nice job to David for your PR’s today too.

  4. Great effort from both classes tonight. This WOD required working through adversity in many ways, and everyone negotiated it well. Justin really sped through it. Katie showed a lot of heart with a heavy overhead walk followed by some very difficult wall ball shots.

  5. I did 4 rounds of:

    60# overhead walk
    30 WB Shots (8#)
    35# KB Farmers Walk

    My time was 25:34. The hardest part of this for me was the wall ball. Since it was my first time doing these in a WOD I probably should have scaled down to 20 instead of 30, but I wanted to push myself…little did I know they are harder than I thought! Everyone did awesome at the 6:15 class! Thanks again for the words of encouragement!

  6. 20:42

    5 rounds of:
    115lb Overhead Walk
    20 WB Shots (20lb)
    45lb DB Farmer Carry

    I think I might have short-changed myself on this one. I need to do a better job of scaling. I have a little bit of trouble with that on these WODs that we’ve never seen. The overhead was probably about at my limit, but I might have been able to do 30 wallballs and a little more weight on the farmer carry

  7. I made up yesterday’s WOD during the 5:00 class. My score was 1150. I started with 105 and ended with 180 (PR for overhead). I decided to do more power clean and jerks post WOD. I put 185 (PR) overhead. 185 was my previous 1RM power clean. I power cleaned 205 (PR) tonight. I decided to call two PRs good and stop while I was ahead. Plus, I was short on time. I had to coach the 6:15 class.

    The 6:15 class did great on this WOD. You guys dealt with the limitations and difficulties well! Kudos to hard work at CFI!

  8. This workout was difficult especially after doing yesterdays wod. My time was 27:50 with 85lb Overhead walk, 30 WB 10lbs, farmers walk with 53 lb kettlebells. This was a difficult wod mentally and physically. Great job to everyone today!

  9. 25:31 Modified
    4 rounds: 115# overhead walks, 30 reps of 20# wallballs, 65# barbells for farmer’s walk
    Trying to walk with the barbells was pretty stinking frustrating. I should’ve scaled the wallball shots. I think I would’ve been able to finish a 5th round if I had. This was definitely a top 4 worst workout for me.

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