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  1. My front loaded squats suck. As David pointed out, I tend to clean well and I could have cleaned much higher weights, but once I got down in the squat, my form failed and I would lose strength. I was tired. My arms hurt. And my legs are weak. Regardless, thank you all for your encouragement and patience with me. I look forward to getting stronger.

    Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day for me.

  2. I enjoyed started the day off with Melissa, Erin A., Matthew, and Steven. Nice work this morning on squat cleans! Kudos to Melissa for taking second on the female leader board for squat clean!

  3. Real nice how it worked out after having Jeff’s C&J WOD the other day. Thanks to Hudson making me start 40lbs heavier. 175 seems to be the point at which I almost need to drop under but can still somewhat power clean.


  4. Thank you Erin and David!! đŸ™‚ I defiantly wasn’t expected to PR this morning…all you guys were so motivating.

    Squat cleans:

    Thank you again for being so encouraging!

  5. 95-115-135-145-155fail-155fail-155

    Was lazy at the bottom and didn’t stay tight between the point where the bar is floating and the point where I receive the bar in the rack position in a squat. Once I corrected that, by focusing on staying tight the entire rep….and also making a point to push my knees out….the weight came up. Was really hoping for at least 170 today. Didn’t quite get there, but I feel like my form on this movement has improved greatly.

    The Donk

  6. 95-105-115-120-125-135(fail after 1 rep)-135

    Thanks Jeff and Daniel for pushing me at the end. Jeff really helped me see what’s wrong with my form. I struggle to catch the clean at or close to full depth of the squat. Gotta work on that part of the movement.

  7. I did power cleans:


    75# was extremely hard for me. I actually failed the 75# in between my two 70# rounds, but I finally got it at the end. Thank you to Christina, Brittany, and Andrew for all of the wonderful advice. It wasn’t very pretty, but I got through my 75lb barely!

  8. 155-165-175-185

    I had to quit at 185 due to pain in my right shoulder. It felt like an “lightning strike” (named by Klowe) going from my shoulder, down my bicep and around my elbow. I believe it’s just inflammation/tendonitis. Very, very frustrating for me. Does anyone have a healthy should or two they would lend me?

    It was good having Kevin Lowe and Josh Glasscock from CFHSV drop in with us for a WOD. Kevin, thanks for the pointers on correcting the early pull during cleans. Kudos to Josh for cleaning his previous 1RM twice!

  9. Got in some great work yesterday at the box. I’m not very good at squat cleans, mainly because of my inexperience with squat cleans. At this point, I can power clean more than I can squat clean, which, after talking to Christina, is a little backwards. So, it was good to get in some squat clean work. My progression went as follows: 135-145-155-165-170-175-185. I completed 3 reps at each weight, which was encouraging for me given my limited exposure to squat cleans. Katie did a great job working on a move that gave her some trouble!

    On a side note, I was fortunate to be working next to two experienced Crossfit athletes, in Jeff B. and the guy from CFHSV, I guess his name is Josh Glasscock, though I didn’t catch his name there. I would compare it to a freshmen college football linebacker getting to go through a practice with NFL linebackers and hear all of the tips and pointers then apply them on the spot. I gained a lot of knowledge/motivation just by listening and watching those two take turns throwing the house on their shoulders. Great workout yesterday!

  10. 6:15 class went really well. Lonny, Wendy, and Daniel all made great progress. Wendy especially started to nail the explosive aspect of the clean rather than reverse curling.

    Andrew, that was Kevin Lowe at my station. Josh Glasscock was over near David and Jakub. I’m glad you learned something too, because I was 100% in learning mode. Looks like my two biggest problems are arm pulling and donkey kicking. I can feel it when everything comes together perfectly, but I only get that about one out of four reps.

    185-195-205-210-215f (x2)-210-210

    I’m perplexed why I can squat clean 245 once but only 210 three times.

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