12 thoughts on “Friday 2 July

  1. Hate that I missed class this morning, I have a early OB appt. then we are getting ready to go out of town. Just wanted to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!! See you when we get back.

  2. Awesome class this morning!!! I do soooo much better in the morning…and the class is always so energetic and fun for 5:30 am!! I did Silver with 15 reps of 31 lb overhead squats at 15:49. Thanks for pushing my Lonny!!! Bacon…you sizzle!!! Justin is a maniac, and Erin and Lori kept me movin!!! Thanks for the encouragement X-tina…it really helped push me through those squats!!!

  3. 17:08 Rx (first Rx’ed workout with Olympic style lift included)

    Awesome class this morning! I could work out with these people all the time!

  4. 19:01 (Silver with 31# OHS) I started the workout doing 10 reps of the OHS, then as the workout progressed I did the 15 reps. I’ve noticed I get stronger during the workout. I need to work on starting and finishing strong. Thanks Erins for keeping me going! Great morning class.

  5. 16:45 (51 lb)

    Congrats to Bacon and Justin for going Rx’d and getting on the leaderboard. Thanks for pushing me at the end Erin. I was chasing you the whole workout but couldn’t keep up.

    July 2, 2010 at 8:59 AM
    Great Workout This Morning!

    22:07 – I did 25 lbs plate overhead squat 15 reps…

    Great workout and a great crew this morning…


  7. 19:44 silver. I might have been able to do more weight. Not sure. I’m definitely exhausted though but LOVE the energy and support of the morning class. You guys are amazing!!

    Those that missed morning, consider this: it was in the 60s when we ran. One of the most pleasant running days this summer 🙂

  8. I made up yesterday’s WOD in the 6:15 class.

    First 2 rounds Rx’d. Last 8 rounds I had to use the blue band on the ring dips. This one was rough. I definitely needed the encouragement to get through those last few rounds. Thanks, Christina.

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