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  1. 11:15 rx. EA was my personal trainer. My legs hurt.

  2. Decided on a whim to run a marathon today. 27.2 miles. Worst WOD ever. And I don’t think Ill be able to find a worse one. Let me say, Crossfit definitly prepares you for everything, but a marathon is something I would specifically train for if I was to ever do one again. And Im pretty sure I won’t, at least until I forget how horrible it was. The first 17 miles went great and then it was a train wreck. Its only by the grace of God that I finished. I made it to the 25 mile mark at just over 5 hours, and had to walk the last 2.

    1. Hudson! You’re ridiculous!! Who runs a marathon on a whim?! Most people will buy a cd on a whim or clean their closets on a whim. I’ve never thought “eh. What should I do today? Grocery shopping? Organize my Tupperware drawer? Oooh. I know!…” 🙂 very impressed nonetheless. I’ve never run a marathon for fear of needing serious medical attention lol. Congrats!!

  3. That’s cool Hudson. Good job. I trained my butt off for a marathon in 2007. Started looking into crossfit about a month after that. Even though I was “prepared” it was still one of the hardest things I have ever done. My goal time was 3:30, and I had gotten close to that time in training. Race day came, and the temp went from the usual 35 degrees, to 70 degrees. Wasn’t used to the heat, cramped up, and limped across the finish line in 4:20. I know the misery you were/are feeling. Great great great job on finishing. Impressive. Especially with no specific marathon training for this event.

  4. Nice job, Hudson. I have considered doing a marathon like that before, with no specific training, but you actually did it. Congrats. I’ve done a half marathon with no specific training in October of last year, but after 13 miles I could feel a wall coming on relatively close to where you experienced it. Wonder if just 1 or 2 training runs could adequately prep a crossfitter. Greg Amundson ran 80 miles in 24 hours with no specific training.

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