One thought on “Monday 5 July

  1. No good place to do my lunges here at the apartment, so I decided to program my own workout.

    3 Rounds for time of:

    10 Kettlebell Snatches 20kg (44lbs) Right Arm
    10 Handstand Pushups
    10 Kettlebell Snatches 20kg (44lbs) Left Arm
    25 Situps
    25 Squats

    Finished in 11:09

    Throwing in the HSPU’s between the two snatch movements added a different element to the WOD for me, by having one arm/shoulder more fatigued when starting the HSPU’s. This really cut down on the amount of HSPU’s that I typically can link together. The situps and squats were more of a very active rest period, or I guess a sprint really, just to get the heart rate going good.

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