Tuesday 6 July

Jeff snatching biscuits
Jeff is on the road to success snatching biscuits!

For Time:

Suicide Sprint, 40 yds

40 Pullups

Suicide Sprint, 40 yds

30 Box jumps, 24″

Suicide Sprint, 40 yds

20 Handstand Pushups

Suicide Sprint, 40 yds

10 Deadlifts, 250-lbs

The suicide sprint will start with a 10 yards sprint down and back, then 20 yards down and back, then 30 yards down and back, and finish with 40 yards down and back.  There is no rest between each interval.

Post times in comments.

“Swim Tips for CrossFitters: Part 1” with Chris Michelmore, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“All Over the Map: Ingraham, Ruiz, Zachary and Maruquin” by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Watch “Toward A Science of Simplicity” by George Whitesides, TED Talks.

22 thoughts on “Tuesday 6 July

  1. hahahahaha….I can’t quit freakin laughing!!! Ryan and I ran 5K today to see what our times would be…I came in at 25:30. It kinda sucked.

    1. i like how 25:30 sucks for you. That’s one of my best times lol.

  2. Awesome picture!! And we wonder why Alabama is the second fattest state in the US? I mean, look at how hard it is for Jeff to even lift those! Clearly they are overloaded with fat and grease…

    Today was a tough workout for me. My sprints looked like jogs by the end, and I was breathing like an old smoker the entire time! Finished in 16:17 doing silver (inverted push-ups on GHD machines; 20″ boxes; blue band- and some green- assisted pull ups). Hudson, thanks for pushing. I’m afraid of you 😉 Definitely need to work on those hand stand push-ups (and even inverted ones) to build more strength.

  3. Great programming!! Kick my a**…. Did Gold Version for the most part. Hudson had to bring me down a couple of notches, cause I thought 135lb DL was a good idea. I scaled :)….down to 95. Did steps ups on 18 inch box and HSPU with two AB Mats for subs. Great work this morning guys!! Jakub and Russell killed it.
    Time: 13:17

  4. Oh yeah, that judge definitely wants a bite out of those biscuits! Break her off a piece, Jeff.

    1. I can’t speak for my judge’s desire for “biscuits” but her name was Shea and she was one of the best judges I had at the event. At one point as I finished the barbell work she grabbed my elbow and started jogging towards the pullup bar saying, “C’mon!!”

  5. 15:15 (silver, band assisted pull ups, inverted push ups, and 111# DL) Hard work out!! Glad I did it this am though!

  6. 13:00 Gold
    40 yd suicide sprints, 25 pullups, suicide sprints, 30 box jumps (24″), suicide sprints, 10 hand-stand pushups, suicide sprints, 10 deadlifts (205 lbs)
    The suicide sprints were great! They quickly degraded into suicide jogs.

  7. 8:35 Rx’d. At 11:00 AM today I had a resting heart rate of 52 bpm. This WOD took care of that problem for me. Actually, Bill’s 800m death run during the warmup took care of most of it.

    Congrats to the 5:00 class on the largest (longest) successful CFI squad pushup yet!

  8. 11:28 (I think)

    GHD Inclined pushups subbed for HSPU
    225 lb DL

  9. 16:51 with 1 Ab mat HSPUs.

    Great programing David — picture and all!

    Congrats to the 11:30 class today you all really pushed it hard in the hottest part of the day! Leah you killed this WOD great job!

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