Wednesday 7 July

Squad pushup at CrossFit Impulse

For time:
225 pound Back squat, 20 reps
40 Toes to bar
60 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

Josh Everett 4:18, Rob Orlando 5:18, Chris Spealler 5:33, James Hobart 5:45, Eric Magee 5:47, Jason Leydon 5:52, Lauren Plumey 6:32 (135lb squat, 1.5 pood KB), Elyse Umeda 7:00 (155lb squat, 1.5 pood KB). Post time to comments.

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday 7 July

  1. My time was 7:53 with:

    20- 65lb back squats
    40- hanging tucks
    60- 1 pood KB swings

    Great job morning class!! Everyone did awesome!

  2. We had a large morning class. Everyone worked hard. It is rough getting up at early to coach the 5:30 am class but you all make it worth it! I enjoy starting my day off with such an energetic crew!

  3. 9:30
    15- 85 lb back squats
    40-hanging tucks/me trying to swing my feet up to the bar and looking like a drunk monkey
    60-1 pood KB swings

    The mornings are always awesome. Greg is my official “pull-up coach”, Erin is my cheerleader, and Ryan is just nice eye candy 🙂 Great motivation from everyone…Lori, your feet to bars make me sick.

  4. Did gold reps:

    20-95lbs BS
    40- Toes to bar
    60- 3/4 pood KBS
    Time: 9:31

    I tried to stay on Erin B’s heels :)…. Great Class, Great way to start the morning!!!

  5. 20-95lbs BS
    40- Toes to bar
    60- 1 pood KBS
    Time: 9:40

    Big, energetic class this morning! I love starting my day with xfit!!

  6. 10:46

    15- 75 lb BS
    30- hang tucks
    50- 3/4 pood KB

    I’m the weakest link here. Booo. Here’s the dealio- My legs are apparently weenie because I feel like I can handle the weight until I do the squat and I can’t find the strength to push back up. I think I need to work on using my butt more or something.

    I also tried to practice with a pood but I wasn’t sure I could do 50 of them. BUT, 3/4 was almost too easy (if we even want to call it “easy”, which it wasn’t). I need a special KB… maybe 4/5 of a pood??

    I think I may be mentally blocked as far as understanding my capabilities. Still figuring out my body and what I can handle. Meanwhile, I came this ( ) close to completing a normal pull up!! Thanks for the cheers, folks. Greg, Eric, Erin… thanks for the encouragement. Love the morning class!! It’s a perfect way to start the day 🙂

  7. IMO, heavy kettlebells are often intimidating when they shouldn’t be. Of course, not everybody can use the 2-pood kettlebell. There is definitely a limit to how heavy a KB you can swing, mostly limited by your core strength to remain upright while the KB travels back to the starting position between your legs. However, I think many people pick up a kettlebell and immediately imagine having to lift it above their head with no swing at all, and doing all the required reps unbroken. That’s not the way it happens. The swing itself greatly aids you in performing linked reps (it’s much easier to get rep #3 than rep #1), and nobody is required to do all the reps unbroken. I estimate my swings this afternoon will start with a set of 15 and degenerate into sets of 5 by the time I get to 60. That’s just a rough guess, but the point is that it will be pretty difficult and I won’t be doing any large amount of KB swings unbroken. I will have to drop the KB and rest several times, and each swing will require a substantial amount of effort.

    It’s difficult to judge capabilities when you advance so quickly as a beginner. Generally, err on the side of too little load if you’re unsure about the movement. But every now and then there’s a time to try that load that feels like it’s just a little outside your capability. I’m not saying that should be today for anyone in particular at any load in particular. I just often see athletes talk themselves out of kettlebell swings that I am fairly confident they can handle.I have also been guilty of over-estimating people’s capabilities, so you also have to be willing to tell me that I’m f’in crazy and you can’t do that yet. Both are acceptable answers.

    Sounds like a lot of solid effort this morning. Almost makes me want to get up at 4:20 to be there. 🙂

  8. 7:54

    Subbed 120 lb shoulder press for back squat. Kettlebell swings were tough. Toes to bar went faster than I expected.

  9. 15:26 Rx

    Was able to get the squats in 4 sets of 5 reps.
    Toes to bar was an exercise in coordination. As I fatigued I began losing coordination and almost made a face imprint on the floor, everyone was too tired to laugh. Kettlebell swings were awful, after the first 10 reps it felt like each rep was max effort. Really felt wiped out after finishing this workout. I really felt those KB swings in my lower back which was tired from deadlift yesterday. Nice WOD though, I’ll definitely sleep well tonight.

    Daniel had the angry face going into the KB swings. He looked like a force to reckon with.
    Greg wrecked Jeff’s plan to stagger the start, he made up a 5-minute deficit and finished with a 10 minute time, amazing.
    Great work by everyone there at the 6:15 class, those KB swings are rough after everything else.

  10. 15:00
    115 lb Back Squat
    1.5 pood Russian standard kettlebell swings

    First time using the 1.5 pood in a workout — I am glad I did it and it hurt horribly!

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