Wednesday 14 July

Lonny during Fight Gone Bad

Front Squat


Post loads in comments.

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23 thoughts on “Wednesday 14 July

  1. 190, 205, 210, 215, 220

    Was able to pace the load perfectly on this. 220 lb. was near my limit on the last set, but still able to rep them out.

    Did 3×5 of bench press afterwards at 150 lb.

    I haven’t tried max box jump before so I gave that a try and got 47.75 inches. With another plate on there at just over 49 inches I can get the arches of my feet on the side of the plate, but I don’t feel that I have quite enough height to stand up. I was fine working up till about 44 inches where it became a mental game and I was concerned with racking myself on the plates instead of jumping up onto them. I’ll have to come back to this to get over the mental side of it. Would be interesting to see what my vertical jump is, it was never impressive in high school when we would test it in high school.

  2. 75-85-90-95-105(1 rep at 105 then fail).

    105 is the highest I’ve ever gone on front squat. Pretty stoked about that. I feel that I could have done at least one more rep if it wasn’t for the lovely case of tendonitis that kicks in on my right knee any time I do squat work.

    Oh, plus Melissa and I figured out how to use the new clamps which was an accomplishment for us this morning.

  3. Had a great time this morning! It was nice to slow down the pace a little..Decided to take it easy this morning. Great job Megan on the PR!!
    Welcome back Greg!!


  4. 115, 125, 135, 155, 185

    I think I could of probably done about 10 more pounds, but I was struggling on that last rep a little at about the 3rd FS. I will have to try for next time.

    Also, looks like I got bar placement right because I have redmarks on my shoulders and collar bone.

    It was good working out with you all this week and I will see you all next week. Going to rest up and do light cardio the next 2 days before I go into my first triathlon this weekend. It has been a good week, and I feel like I have gained something out of it already.

    1. Where and how long is your Tri? I am doing my first sprint distance on 14 Aug.

      1. I am doing a Sprint Distance in Decatur Wet Dog Triathlon. I haven’t done too much in the way of swimming so will be interested to see how it goes. Plus I have never abused my body then run before, so we shall see how it goes.

        I am hoping to do the HiWaay Tri next month but we shall see. I also want to try for the Olympic distance, The Rocketman Triathlon, but that swim scares me more than anything. Where you doing yours?

      2. Mine is in Guntersville. I was a competitive swimmer all through highschool and college, so I am hoping that helps. I am going to try to get into the water a few times before the tri. We will see. Depending on how I feel I may try an Oly distance, but no farther. When do you ride? Do you ride on post?

      3. I ride at least a 2 times during the week (at lunch or right after work) and on Saturday and/or Sunday. I have rode mostly on base, but I am working on trying to find more places off base to ride distance.

  5. 75-85-55-75-75
    Thanks again Hudson for your patience with my less than perfect form. I appreciate your help so much! Lori it was nice to rotate with you as well, nice job on your lifts!!

  6. 85-95-90-95-95
    It was great meeting you Michelle and thanks for making a great coach today! Thanks Hudson for believing I could do more and encouraging me. Hopefully I’ll get my elbows straightened out!!

  7. Front squat
    65lb x3
    95lb x3
    135lb x3
    175lb x3
    185lb x3
    205lb x1

    Thanks Christina and Jeff for the coaching and encouragement. Really helped me get a good workout today.

  8. 1st time on the 3,3,3,3,3 front squat
    135 WU, 185×3,205×3,225×3,235×3,245×3
    Good starting point for this event, felt good and enjoyed the push. Surprised on the energy I had after being beat down with my first two CFI workouts ever mon/tues. Glad tomorrow is a rest day! Thanks Jeff and Christina for the guidance on getting my form right. And props to Robby J for your hard work…very proud of you!

  9. Rest day for me, sort of. Played soccer at UAH. Looking forward to tomorrow’s 400m runs. I need to get in shape for the upcoming season, anyway.

  10. Enjoyed seeing all the PRs tonight. Eric, Christina, and Jordan all added to previous PRs. Robyn joined our growing list of ladies front squatting over 100 lbs. Jeremy took #3 on the leaderboard with a set of 3. I think he may have #1 in him. Great work all around.

  11. Lynne
    5 rounds for max reps of
    body weight bench press (180)/ pullups
    Total: 240 (PR)

    I gamed the bench press correctly, but I was saving some pullups for the impending wall, but never hit it. Next time I’ll try to hold 35-37 throughout the middle instead of 30.

  12. 65, 95, 105, 120, 130

    Then I got a 1RM PR of 145#. I tried 150# but couldn’t stand it up.

  13. My shoulder was bugging me a bit more than usual so I programmed a small workout at home.
    25 air squats
    25 sit ups
    50 air squats
    50 situps
    75 air squats
    75 sit ups
    Time: 15:15 …don’t think that’s great but it is what it is. Congrats to all who PR’d!

  14. Front Squats

    Warm up 55lb x3
    75lb x3
    85lb x3
    95lb x3
    105lb x3
    95lb x3

    I enjoyed this workout, but feel i can definitely work more on my core strength and the depth of my squats, to improve on my overall squatting technique.
    Thank you to all the 6:15 class for cheering me on:)

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