Sunday 8 August

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
185 pound Back squat, 7 reps
45 pound dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps (right hand)
7 Burpees
45 pound dumbbell Overhead walking lunge, 10 steps (left hand)

Elyse Umeda 9 rounds + 3 burpees (135lb squat, 30lb DB), Laurie Galassi 8 rounds + 10 lunges (125lb squat, 30lb DB), Karianne Dickson8 rounds + 7 squats (135lb squat, 35lb DB), Kim Malz 8 rounds + 2 squats (135lb squat, 30lb DB), Danielle Mulford 6 rounds + 4 squats (125lb squat, 30lb DB).

Post rounds completed to comments.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 8 August

  1. Did 5 + 5 on Gold 155 back squat , 35 kettle bell. Was a good class first time doing this workout. Thanks for the cheers!

    Marco Polo ! :0)

  2. 7 rounds (125#, 35#)

    Zan and I worked on push press after the WOD and both of us PRd at 115#.

    We had a big class today and limited racks for the back squats. Thanks to everyone for working with me to figure out how to make this WOD work. The class went really well and everyone pushed themselves to the max!

  3. Jordan, great job with organization!

    I did 7 rounds plus 5 reps at 75# back squat and 18# KB. This again, was an exercise in lung capacity more than anything else. THanks for the push, everyone!

  4. You guys are AWESOME. Thanks for pushing through my third crossfit class. I truly appreciate your support!!! I’m coming back tonight for more ass whipin’

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