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  1. Fun morning class, as usual. Big PR on the 500m row from Jonathan. He took down #1 by 2 seconds with 1:27.x. Erin A. improved her #3 position as well. Strong work from everyone on thrusters too.

    My morning WOD:
    400m walking lunges

  2. Had a great workout with the lunch crew. The 500m row took a lot out of me, especially after yesterday’s WOD. Enjoyed working with Greg H today. 135lb-155-165-175-195 thrusters rx’d

  3. Maxed at 75 lbs on thrusters, which is pretty surprising considering my prior max was 55 lbs and my max front squat is 85 lbs. Just couldn’t get 75 for three times in a row.

    The row was tough. Did 2:00.9. Jeff, thanks for pushing me even though I wanted to give up!

  4. Awesome working with you too Adrew. You are a beast. By the way as Andrew and I learned that the 500m sprint might be better served by a lower damper setting and higher reps. I went with 8 because that is what I used for the 5k and I was hurting bad at the end of the 500m I should have gone with an easier damper. Maybe our CFI brothers and sisters in the later classes can benefit from our finding. 1:28.0 on the 500m. Thrusters were 135, 155, 175 x 2, 165 x 2, 165 x 3. Once again, Christina’s technique work was a huge help. Nice to be back after a few days off.

  5. 1:34 on the 500m row. Greg and Andrew are rowing beasts. I couldn’t get my pace below 1:29 for anything. My machine was set to 6.
    95, 105, 120, 135, 125 on the thrusters. I tweaked my shoulder and elbow last week on the muscle ups so I’m on a “no upper body” regimen until Monday according to Miss Christina. Thanks for looking out for me.

  6. 1:29.4 on the 500m row. PR is 1:29.3. Should have made a better effort to keep my ass on the seat.


    Enjoyed working with Greg F. on thrusters. Tough athlete to keep up with!

  7. Well…I got a PR on my 500m row, then I went home. I wasn’t feeling very good after that. I’ll have to do this WOD at work tomorrow.

  8. Did the 500m row in 2:01.9
    My weights for the WOD were: 55-65-70-75-80
    I was proud of these weights since I had never done this movement before and the last time I had weight overhead it was 65lbs. Loved sharing a rack with Sarah M. and Brittany! Good job Brittany on that PR! Great job 6:15 class!

  9. Thrusters @ 95, 115, 135, 155, 165
    Set a 1RM at 155 last time we did this workout.

    Row was at 1:35.5, PR is 1:34.3, didn’t realize that till just now looking at my notes.

    Did some strength work this evening.
    Squat 3×5 @ 245
    Press 1 @ 140, 2 @ 130, 4 @ 125 – I miscalculated the weights and ended up dropping it, but I wore myself out early on with the heavier than needed sets.
    Power Clean 5×3 @ 180

    Overall good day, just wish I knew how close I was on the row before hand.

  10. Enjoyed coaching the 6:15 class tonight! It was good to be back in the box. Everyone worked hard on thrusters. Kudos to Katie for thrusting 80-lbs overhead her first time to do thrusters. Congrats to Brittany for claiming two #1 spots on the leader board for a 500m row and 1RM thruster!

    I made up the 400m walking lunge WOD with Daniel during the 5:00 class. Thanks to him for pushing me on this one. My time was 12:27 (PR). Daniel took a lead and I didn’t think I was going to catch up but managed to basically tie with him at the end.

  11. Made up the 400 meter lunge walk with David today. Geez, it was harder than I remembered. My time was 12:28. I PR’d by like 3 minutes, so I was happy. Me and David kept going back and forth on this one. Thanks for the push, brother, it kept me moving.

  12. 500m Row: 1:29.8 which is a PR for me so was happy about that, but should have performed one more pull at the end.

    Thrusters: 155-185-195-205(1)-205(1), Enjoyed working out with Jeff on this one. I always seem to try to push my limits more when working out with Jeff which is always fun.

  13. Programmed a little wod for the 5pm class, 21-15-9 of handstand pushups and ghd situps with a 200m run sprint after round 1, 400m after round 2, and 800m after round 3. Finished around 17:30. Pretty tough WOD as I tried to group weaknesses. The hspus gave me more trouble than I anticipated. But hopefully I’ll be better for it.

  14. Happy to get back to the box after taking some much needed rest days.

    5k run before class (not for PR) – 25:04
    500m row – 1:44.7 (PR)
    Thrusters: 70-85-90-95-100 1RM: 110#(PR)

    Like Jordan, I too felt sick after that 500m row. PR’d by 8 secs. Probably could have done more on thrusters but happy nonetheless. As always so much fun working out with Katie and Sarah. You ladies rock!

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