Tuesday 24 August

Barbell with bumpers

Tie a five-pound plate to hang an honest 18″ above your tiptoe reach and complete 5 rounds for time of:
50 Jump and touch
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
10 Pull-ups

Kristan Clever 24:13 (14″ jump), Lucas Zepeda 24:34, Jesse Bazarnick 26:25, Pat Barber 28:56, Rebecca Voigt 32:53 (14″ jump), Laurie Galassi 35:47.

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27 thoughts on “Tuesday 24 August

  1. This looks brutal! The WODs that look easy on paper always end up kicking my ass, so I shudder to think what this one is going to do to me…

  2. In my almost 2 months of doing crossfit I think that was the hardest one I have done. I hit a wall in round 3 and struggled to 30:40 silver. Don’t under estimate the “jump and touch”.

  3. 26:41 Silver. I was trying to keep my pace with Michelle on this one. The lunch crew is great, and its nice to do a wod with Andrew (who did really great today Rx’d:).

    The most limiting factor was the fact that it feels like a german shepherd gnawed on my legs and backside while I was sleeping.48 hours after Sundays lunge wod I’m still struggling.

    1. If you’d give Brutus a chew toy, maybe he’d leave your legs and backside alone…

  4. Great working out with meg today. I enjoyed the lunch crew today, but this wod made me its little you know what! 18″, that doesn’t seem bad, which may be true if you only had to jump and touch 5 times, but 50…well, 250? It’s probably a smart idea to scale that height down some. I started with 16″, but moved to 12″ after round 1 and very glad I did. My legs and lower back are screaming. And I can’t bear the thought of sneezing for 2 or 3 days. Get your game face on for this wod, you’ll need it.

    1. Thanks girl. You rocked the house this morning. Good job beating the 35min cutoff.

  5. 33:35 RX. Horrible WOD. Thanks to Christina for the push to finish under 35:00.

    On another note, check out Jeff’s article in the Crossfit Journal. Its awesome.

  6. As always great working with Bacon!
    Silver 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 with a 14″ jump: 32:02
    I have to do a group PT thing with some of the SMDC/ARSTRAT folks on Thursday. It is at a track, so I think I will make up the 400m lunges then before ultimate frisbee.

  7. Did 400m walking lunges today. My time was 23:30 and just to reiterate how short I am it took me 430 walking lunges to finish this wod! Haha it was a good workout though!

  8. Legs were dead from the 400 meter walking lunge I did Monday. So instead, I did todays workout with David as a 12 minute AMRAP of the RX’d WOD.

    Finished with 2 rounds +43 jump and touch reps. Jump and touch was definitely the hardest part. Everyone did an awesome job today. Was a pleasure training the morning class today. You guys and lady killed it this morning!

  9. I thought the burpees/box jump/toes to bar WOD on Saturday was bad… today definitely beat it. Woof!

    Did silver in 31:01. Never thought jumping to touch a bar would be so hard! Thanks to the 6:15pm class for all the encouragement. Awesome class!

  10. 4 rounds and 132 Rx….so close, but so far!!!! Great job 5:00 class…and it was great to meet all the “L” girls (Leanne, Leah, and Lauren), you ladies did wonderful!! Zan, as always, it was great being your right hand man!

  11. 35:53 Rx’d

    I was starting to lose all acute motor skills towards the end. Brutal workout in the heat. Props to all that pushed themselves in the 6:15!

  12. 29:10 with 16″ jump. Should have taken the time and raised the ring! I think I would have needed a ladder though. After hearing the 5 pm class complain about dizziness during the jump I tried looking straight ahead and jumping up blindly. It worked well and i didn’t get dizzy at all. Tough wod!

  13. Didn’t quite finish this one. I did the prescribed reps, but I only made it through one round of pull ups without a band and then started using the blue band and my jump and touches were about 11″. I made it through 3 rounds plus 20 push ups. Great job 6:15 class!

  14. Couldn’t make it to the gym today but did Tabata’s air squats 8 rounds for 14 finishing score.

    Im sure I wont be able to walk soon enough lol.


  15. Completed 4 rds Rx’d at 35 min cutoff. Heat made it feel like a sauna, just another variable. Jumps were new and really tough, making it a fun WOD.

  16. Did prescribed reps with 14-16″ jump (didn’t have the exact measurement). Completed four rounds and 78 additional reps with 35 min cut-off. My body felt like it was on fire and my face was SUPER hot. I’m feeling sore in my joints today 🙁 Good WOD though.

  17. This one was pretty brutal. I honestly was sweating so much that I looked like a drowned rat or something afterward.

    Rx: 4 Rounds + 1 Rep, thanks to Chris for trying to get an extra jump on me with 2 seconds left.

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