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  1. 85lb Power Clean, 160lb Deadlift

    Thanks to Christina for making me stop when I was having back pain! (Oh, and the “closing your eyes” tip REALLY helped btw!) Lower back has been bothering me for a while, and I think today simply exacerbated it. Looks like a heating pad awaits for me tonight.

  2. 125# Power Clean
    250# Dead Lift

    I think that’s a PR on both. I know it is for Dead Lift. My previous was 205#. Huge psychological game you play with 1RM. I psyched myself out on the PC but ignored the weights completely on the DL. Christina kept me going and we waited until the end to count up the weight.

    Awesome morning class! Greg H. and Erin A. pulled out some huge lifts!

  3. Great Small Morning Class. Once again the coaching from Christina made all the difference. 205lb powerclean was exactly what I was thinking when I went to bed last night. (got 210 to mid chest, but with no dip in my hips I couldn’t achieve rack position) Still I had a 20 pound PR at 205. Deadlift was not-so-much. I agree with Ben on the Psych game. When we were doing squat cleans a week or so ago with lower weight, they felt great, popping my hips, shrugging and diving under like I had never done before. Once I start thinking about adding weight, the “LUNK Alarm” goes off and I turn into a caveman instead of just doing the same technique as before. Oh Well, my hams and butt are gonna be yelling at me by about 1700 tonight.

  4. 190 lb deadlift. PR’d by 25 pounds!!! Almost got 195, but couldn’t quite inch it up the legs.

    I had a mental block on the power clean and only got to 85 lbs.

    Thanks for the coaching and the countdowns Xtina. You rock!

  5. Good day for me.

    1st unassisted pull up, and from dead hang — don’t laugh, i’m a heavy guy
    185lb power clean – PR cause i have never tried for a 1 rep max on this yet.
    325lb deadlift – PR by 10

    I learned the new soccer knee power clean and leg shimmy deadlift techniques from Megan and that
    Andrew gives great hugs.

    Interesting lunch crowd to say the least.

    1. Andrew is a fantastic hugger, you should have taken him up on his offer… I’m sure the offer still stands if you could use a hug next time.

  6. I too had a great day today. 95#PR on power cleans and 200#PR on deads. Megan was indeed a pleasure to watch today and she and Andrew were awesome in warmup!! On a side note: Jeff I’m going back to read your article again because it’s all about the commitment and that remained in the back of my mind during the WOD today.

  7. Um. My boss just told me that I should probably stop lifting weights. His exact words were, “I don’t think women’s bodies were made to do that.” He suggested I stick with yoga or spinning class. I’ve been biting my tongue…

      1. No kidding! I was thinking, “Clearly he’s never met Jordan!” 😉 But seriously, I thought about going into the whole “functional movement” diatribe, but I chose to pick him up and fling him across the room instead lol.

  8. Well, Christina gave me a couple of alternate WODs to do…
    WOD #1 – 10:33
    10 rounds for time:
    10 Front Squats w/ 20# Medicine Ball
    10 GHD Situps

    WOD #2 – 10:05
    10 rounds for time:
    15 GHD Back Extensions
    15 Situps Unanchored

    Thanks Christina! I think I may not be able to move this weekend, but I appreciate the great core workout.

  9. Today was a good day !

    got 205 on Power Clean PR!

    Got 465 on Dead Lift PR! Failed on 475 barely T_T (cries)

  10. 190 PC (PR)
    315 DL (PR by 15 lbs)

    Fun atmosphere tonight at the 5:00. There’s definitely something to kicking off the weekend with a fun workout and good people. Enjoyed working out with Bacon and Victor (EEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!)

  11. Wish I could have made it for this one. I’ll have to try this later. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried for 1RM on power clean. Sweet to hear people hitting PRs.

  12. Had fun as usual in the 6:15pm class. Did 1 RM power clean for the first time today, 85lbs. Need to def work on technique. However…got a PR of 245lbs on deadlifts!!! PR went up 50lbs from last time. Thanks Erin B. and Zan for cheering me on 🙂

  13. I subbed front squat for power cleans.

    Front squat 1RM = 265(PR)
    Deadlift 1RM = 335. This is 25-lbs short of my previous PR. I just didn’t have it today for some reason. Not sure what was going on. I think Marco, Jeremy, and some others stole my deadlift capacity and added to theirs! Great work guys.

  14. Power clean PR of 250
    Deadlift of 440 (20 lbs short of PR)

    Should have let go of 465 long before I did. Had fun working with Craig from CrossFit Memphis and seeing him PR in both.

  15. Power clean PR of 115
    Deadlift PR of 215

    Thanks to Zan and Tesha for being my cheerleaders. PS…Tesha is a deadlifting maniac!!! Awesome job lady on getting #2 on the leader board!!! I have also learned Zan and I will always need a calculator nearby 🙂

  16. Power clean: 165 (PR). Deadlift: 345 (PR).

    I got the bar past my knees on a 355 pull. Then it rolled to the ends of my fingers, and there I was stuck halfway through a deadlift with the bar resting near my knees. I need to start using an alternating grip.

  17. Had a lot of fun during this workout. I got 95lb on the power clean which is a PR by 10lbs (I tried 100lbs but for some reason the whole throwing my elbows under the bar seems impossible the higher the weight I go) and I did 205lb dead lift which is a PR by 40lbs. I had lots of fun sharing a bar with Lori, you did awesome! Great job 5 o clock class!

  18. PC: 120#(PR)
    DL: 215#(PR)

    Tried 125# power clean but didn’t get my elbows underneath. Need to work on technique. Worked next to Katie and Lori who rocked it on their lifts. Congrats Katie for your 205# deadlift PR!! You’re freakin awesome, lady! Also, congrats Tesha for your 245# DL! That is amazing girl!

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