Monday 30 August

With a 45 pound barbell, 21-15- and 9 reps for time of:
Turkish Get-ups, alternating arms
Sotts press

Kristan Clever 16:03, Katie Hogan 23:02, Rebecca Voigt 25:26. Post time to comments.

Congratulations to our new Fundamentals graduates!

The Morning After: Part 2” with Mikko Salo, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

21 thoughts on “Monday 30 August

  1. 18:18 Rx’d

    Very different and interesting WOD. Sotts press is deceivingly tough, but still fast compared to TGUs.

  2. 19:11 Rx’d. Very different, but fun! Toughest part for me was keeping the bar balanced. Started to look like Donatello from TMNT there at the end.

  3. Did this at the house with 15# DB for TGU and total of 30# for the Sotts Press…decided not to time myself since I was already out of breath by the 5th TGU.. đŸ™‚

    15-12-9 reps

    This was tough!

  4. 19:58 Rx

    Shoulders were hurting after this one.

    Came back at 11:30 for some strength work.
    Squat 3×5 @255
    Press 3×5 @125 – could only get 5,4, then 2 reps
    Power Clean 5×3 @185

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  5. Did two short workouts today:
    first WOD
    10 rounds for time:
    10 – 20lb med. ball front squats
    10 – GHD situps
    Time: 10:37 ( 10 seconds off my last time)

    Rested 10 minutes

    second WOD
    Modified “Diane”
    135lb Deadlift

    Time: 5:30 (PR by 38 seconds) Did this back in June.

  6. 23:36 with 45lb TGU’s / 21lb SPs.

    Still struggling with shoulder flexibility so I had to go lighter on the Sott’s press.

  7. Planned to make up the back squat WOD from yesterday, but my shoulder wasn’t having it. So I rounded my own:

    3 rounds for time:
    40 double-unders
    30 box jumps, 24″
    20 KB swings, 1.5 pood
    Time: 16:34

    1. Definitely interesting reading Russel. Articles like these make me very aware of just how much we do not know about nutrition. I would have to disagree with the guy at least a little bit though. Not due to my expertise, but due to mine, and others’ experience. When I was in Iraq I ate a steady diet of crap. Extremely high carb, med. protein, and med. fat. If I had to guess I would say over 500g Carb. This lead to a weight increase of about 20lb increasing my body fat % from about 10 to roughly 15. When I came home from Iraq I started eating Paleo, decreasing my Carb intake to less than 150g and greatly increasing my protein and fat intake. This lead to a quick decrease in weight by about 15lb and body fat back down to about 9%. How would this guy’s graphs explain that?

      1. I don’t think the evidence he presents disagrees with your actual experience. The main point as I see it of this article and others in this series is that carbs are not the only thing that stimulates the body to release insulin into the bloodstream. The studies show protein to be very potent in doing that as well as carbohydrates.

        How does that apply to your experience? Well we would have to know your total caloric intake and activity levels between the two situations to get a better picture of what exactly was going on. From a high level I would say with the paleo eating you ate more nutrients and less carbs as you stated. Assuming activity and total calories were the same in both cases your body began to use stored bodyfat to replace the decrease in carbs in your diet for energy use.

        You are right we still have a lot to learn about nutrition, fitness, and health in general. Personal experience is the best indicator of what actually works for the individual and we should keep that mind as different approaches will work better for some than others.

  8. 22:28 21#BB

    Definitely a tough workout. Katie, I think you should be the one teaching me the ropes!

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