Tuesday 31 August

Jason performing TGU

Partner WOD
For time:
Each partner performs 30 OHS while other partner performs burpees (m:115 lb, f: 55 lbs)
Each partner performs 30 TTB while other partner performs burpees
Each partner performs 30 box jumps while other partner performs burpees (m: 24″, f: 20″)
400m run cash out

Each partner completes 30 reps of the movement while other partner performs burpees.  When the partner one has completed the 30 reps, then, and only then, partner two may begin his/her 30 reps of the movement.  Once each partner has done 30 OHS, 30 TTB, and 30 box jumps, they must run 400m together.  The team’s time will be after each partner has finished the run.  Reminder to keep count of your team’s total number of burpees.  Every burpee subtracts 1 second from your team’s final time.

“Coaching Games Athletes” by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Muscles Remember Past Glory” by Tina Hesman Saey, Wired.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday 31 August

  1. 16:46 (net, 132 burpees) with Greg Hotaling. He scaled OHS to 95 pounds but completed the other movements as prescribed. I scaled to 75-pound OHS and 20 TTBs.

  2. Good workout today. Thanks Christina for coming up with something for our team to do! It was tough. My lungs, legs and basically entire body was burning.

  3. 11:58…Rx for me and 115# for 10/ 95# for the rest in OHS for Rye.
    Did this one with the ball-n-chain. It was alot of fun working with Ryan, and we found that what I suck at, he is good at…and vice versa. I guess it was always meant to be 🙂 Fun WOD!!!

  4. Did this one at 5:00 with Daniel. 16:07 was our time. We completed 172 burpees. Therefore, our final time (score) was 13:15. Great work Daniel! I enjoyed partnering with you.

  5. I enjoyed coaching the 6:15 class. It was good seeing the new faces. Everyone worked hard on this partner WOD. Great job!

    Kudos to Patrick for getting his first muscle-up tonight! That’s a big achievement.

  6. Did two small WOD’s today to get the shoulders warmed up.

    Frist WOD:
    Time: 6:42 about a 3 minute decrease from the last time I did this! Thanks Leah for the support and encouragement! It made all the difference I am sure!

    Second WOD:
    Pullups on the third to largest diameter bar
    Box Jumps, 18″
    Time: 7:15
    Box jumps were difficult realized that I need to incorporate these more into warm-ups for myself.

  7. Fun, but exhausting workout. Worked with David tonight on this partner wod. Enjoyed it, bro. Thanks for the push as always.

    Good job to Patrick on the muscle up today…..followed by about 20 more right after he got his first one. Congrats on figuring out the technique. Zan got close too….even though she wont admit it 🙂

  8. 15:23 with 155 burpees, for a total of 12:48 @ 65lb, 24″ box.

    Partnered up with Zan the Warrior Princess, whose OHS technique is way better than mine. Fun as always! This was tougher than it looked with all those damn burpees.

    I did manage my first MU thanks to the Donk and Zan. You’re almost there, and then it’ll just click!

  9. Did this WOD with the incredible Sarah Mann…our time was 16:54! I did the prescribed reps, but used the 35# bar for OHS, started with TTB but ended with KTEs, and I used a 20″ box. Fun WOD! We need to do partner or team WODs more often (:

  10. 11:56 (14:08 with 132 burpees)
    Partnered up with Jordan on this one. Jordan, you killed it as usual! I totally agree with Katie about doing these partner/team WODs more often. This one was a lot of fun!

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