6 thoughts on “Saturday 4 September

  1. Melissa – AMRAP = 1+ (s)I used green band and box pushups, assisted with green and blue band in the second round of pullups.

    I really struggled with the situps. Those muscles haven’t seen much activity lately. My core is really weak and so its back to the fundamentals for me for awhile.

    Thanks to whomever it was that held my feet for me and provided all the encouragement! I realized afterwards I didn’t get your name, but thank you so much!!

    Great to be back.

    Carsten – AMRAP = 2+ He knocked out a few more pullups into his 3 round.

  2. Great workout with the friends and family.

    Afterward did Linda 33:48 Rx with squat cleans. 265/175/135. Squat cleans killed me on this one.

  3. I really enjoyed friend and family day. Seeing all of you share CrossFit and CrossFit Impulse with those you care about is very gratifying. Thanks to everyone who attended and made this friend and family day another success.

  4. AMRAP = 5 rounds + pull ups and a few push ups. Used the green band for pull ups and did regular push ups until the 4th round. After that I did inclined push ups on the 18″ box. Whew, my arms and chest are soooo sore today!! It was great to meet you guys; you all seem so supportive and willing to help. Alex and I can’t wait to get started later this month!

  5. Loved hanging out with all of you during Friends and Family Day! Was great having Melissa W. back and killing the WOD as usual! I thought for sure Leah S. would have given birth at CFI today! Really enjoyed seeing all the new faces and watching them do the thing I love best… CrossFit!

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