Tuesday 7 September

Jeremy at bottom of pullup

Five rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
135 pound Front squat, 10 reps
15 GHD Sit-ups
20 Box jumps, 24 inch box

Jason Khalipa 14:03, Chris Spealler 14:29, Kristan Clever 14:59 (95lbs, 20″ box), Rory McKernan 15:27, Peter Egyed 16:24, Elyse Umeda 16:35 (95lbs, 20″ box), Kim Malz 22:44 (105lbs, 24″ box).

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“Mic’d Up with Pat Sherwood” by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Rory McKernan on the 100830 WOD, again – video [wmv] [mov]

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.”
– Omar Bradley

19 thoughts on “Tuesday 7 September

  1. Great job to the morning class today. A few of you that have been struggling to keep those elbows up and maintain a neutral spine in the front squat have really improved since just last week. Awesome progress, especially since this WOD has a moderately heavy load!

  2. 26:26 Gold

    Five rounds for time of:
    Row 250 meters
    55# pound Front squat, 10 reps
    10 GHD Sit-ups
    20 Box jumps, 20 inch box

    Thanks Daniel for coaching this am and waking me up each time I got to the box and just stared at it!!

  3. I’m not sure what is was about this one that made it seem harder, maybe it was my Labor Day weekend 🙂 Silver 26:47 55# squats 18# box. Leah and Melissa are absolutely amazing athletes. I’m gonna tackle that 20″ box one day, that’s a promise.

  4. Thank you Michelle!! Leah kicked my tail, yet again…:). It was great working out with the lunch crew.
    Did 5 rounds:
    250 meter row
    55# front squat x 10
    Butterfly sit-ups x 15
    18 inch box step ups x 20
    Time: 24:37

  5. 23:49
    41# front squat, butterfly sit-ups, 18″ step-ups
    It was fun working out with you today Melissa!

  6. 26:24
    5 Rounds of:
    250m Rows
    10 95# Front Squats
    10 GHD Situps
    20 24″ Box Jumps
    This was definitely a tough one after a nice four day weekend of eating junk.

  7. 21:30 Rx. The front squats really slowed me down.

    Had a great lunch class this morning. Leah and Melissa, two of our preggos both powered through which leaves the rest of us with no excuses. Also Michelle’s front squat form has improved dramatically.

  8. Did Gold today except I did 55# front squat. My time was 28:37. All I have to say is ROUGH! Great work out 6:30 class and thanks Jordan for being an awesome teacher!

  9. Five Rounds:
    250m Row
    10 Front Squats 85lbs
    15 Weighted Situps 25lbs
    20 Box Jumps 18″

    Time: 35:10 (Thanks David 🙂

    This one was difficult all the way around. Thanks for all the support at the end guys… couldn’t have done it without you guys!

    4:00 Class did great today!

  10. We had a big 6:30 class tonight but everyones cooperation made it run very smooth. All the athletes pushed their limits on this WOD. I found out just how bad it hurt after class when I tried it out myself.

    Time: 28:00
    (scaled 85# FS, 25# weighted situps)
    I went to weighted situps because I thought the GHDs were making me nauseous, but then I realized it was just the workout…I gotta start eating right again.

  11. I made up the workout from a few days ago:

    -Strict Pullups
    -Handstand Pushups (nose to floor)

    Finished in 27:41 Rx’d

    Pullups really wasnt bad, but the HSPU’s slowed me down big time.

  12. 21:38 Rx

    First time doing GHD’s in a WOD; they suck! Just happy the old back held up and I was able to finish work out after bailing on the last two.

  13. Did a light home WOD after class to test my back. 2 mile run then 3 rounds of 20 dead hang pullups and 30 squats. Everything feeling fine so far.

  14. Did an at home WOD (due to unforeseen hysterical client running through my clinic at 6 pm ). 4 rounds of: 400 meter run and 100 single jump ropes, then I did 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats.

  15. 20:32
    I had to sub a 200m run for rounds 2-5 due to the towers being occupied. Everything else was as Rx’d. I’m certain the run was easier than the row.

  16. 28:22 — Only did 95 lbs on the front squat…everything else Rx. The cardio on this one really started to catch up to me when I got going on box jumps.

  17. 21:57

    5 rounds:

    250m row
    10 55# FS
    15 10# weighted sit-ups
    20 22″ BJ

    Had to take it easy since pulling a muscle in my back. Awesome 6:30 class!

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