12 thoughts on “Thursday 16 September

  1. We have a new addition to our family, Tyce Weston Crosswy born this morning at 10:52 am, weighing 5 lb. 4 oz., and 18 inches long. Mom and baby doing well. 

    Saw Hudson walking around the hospital a couple times. Our thoughts with them as Chloe and Leah recover.

  2. Gold. 11:34. 41#. Did at 100 jumps ea. time mixing DU’s and singles.

    Tough one. Cheers to the all girl 4pm class!

  3. Had a blast with all the classes today! You guys are awesome. Kudos to Gean for taking the pullup leader board at lunch! Kudos to Justin for knocking Gean off the board at 5:15! Brittany claimed number one and Lisa number two on the female pullup leader board! Great job today.

  4. 10:15 (65 lbs)

    PR’d at 60 on DU’s in the first round.

    Did 26 consecutive pull ups in the warmup.

    Great programming on this one.

  5. 11:11 Rx’d

    Wish I could link more than 10 or 15 DUs at a time during the workout but was able to do most of the OH squats unbroken. I liked this WOD. 🙂

    Congrats to Hudson and Leah, and Russell too! Yay for future CrossFit babies!

  6. 13:22
    4 rounds of: 50 DUs, 65# OHS
    I wasn’t able to link more than 4 or 5 DUs during the WOD. Before and after the WOD I was able to link 20 or so without problem. I must be dealing with some sort of performance anxiety, haha.

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