Monday 20 September

Jay performs assessment on Lisa

Obstacle Course:
8 rounds for time of
3 ground to overhead (m: 135 lb, f: 80 lb)
1 crawl under the barbell
1 over the pullup bar
2 over the plyo box (m: 24″, f: 18″)
Cash out: 1 rope climb (15′)
The intent of this WOD is an obstacle course.  Athletes begin with 3 reps of ground to overhead (power clean and jerk or power snatch recommended). Athletes then run to the center of the gym and low crawl under barbells stationed on racks at the lowest setting. After the low crawl athletes then must get over any pullup bar any way they choose. They then run outside and must get over a 24″ or 18″ box (hurdling or step-up/down both allowed) at the edge of the rollup door and continue around the side of the warehouse. Athletes will then get over a box of similar height positioned by the side of the warehouse. Finally, athletes enter the front door via the most direct route possible and begin the next round. To complete the WOD each athlete finishes with a single rope climb. Time stops when the athlete tags the rafter at the top of the rope. Only one rope climb is performed during the entire WOD.
If you’re a little confused, don’t worry. Your trainer will make everything clear before the WOD begins.

18 thoughts on “Monday 20 September

  1. Great workout. Another lung burner for me. 15:06, 95lbs on the ground to overhead. Puked 3 times during the WOD, cut my finger on top of the pull-up bar, and made the rope climb at the end. I love CrossFit.

  2. I had a good time coaching this one at 5:15 and participating at 6:30. During the first 60 seconds when everyone in the class was going over the pullup bars at once it was quite a sight to see. Congrats to all those who got over the pullup bar or up the rope for the first time. It’s a lot of fun for me to see you guys increasing your confidence at real-world physical skills like swinging over a bar and climbing a rope. That’s what CrossFit is all about.

    8:37 Rx’d

  3. I had a great time coaching the 6:30. It was cool seeing everyone get under the bar and over the bar. Nice, fun programming Jeff! Kudos to Hudson for killing this one! I think he had the fastest time of the day.

    9:39 Rx’d

  4. I loved “Jeff’s Magic”…so much fun!! I took me back to 5th grade field day…except in 5th grade I wasn’t chasing my rolling bar around a parking lot…hurdling myself over a bar…or suffering from 3rd degree rope burn…gosh I love Crossfit 🙂 Oh yeah my time was 10:26

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