Thursday 14 October

Rx’d by David

Partner WOD

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 30 minutes:

  • 3 power cleans (m: 135 lb, f: 85 lb)
  • 6 burpees

Partner 1 will run 400m while Partner 2 completes as many rounds of power clean and burpees as possible. When Partner 1 returns, Partner 2 will communicate the number of reps he/she completed and Partner 1 will resume work where Partner 2 left off while Partner 2 runs 400m.  Repeat this sequence for 30 minutes.  Score is total number of rounds and reps completed.

Rope-Climbing Techniques: The Spanish Wrap” by Adrian Bozman with Carl Paoli and Kim Bozman, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

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5 thoughts on “Thursday 14 October

  1. Tabata This! Broken down: 7, 17, 11, 8, 15 Total=58.

    I had the advantage of knowing Jeff’s scores and gamed accordingly. I followed my plan well until pushups where I started at 12 and finished with 8. The after effects were immediately deceiving. Initially I felt fine but after sitting for a few minutes, I tried to stand and everything started going black. I ended up lying down for a while before I could go home.

  2. Enjoyed teaching the lunch class! You all did great! This was a difficult workout because of the length of the workout in my opinion. I ended up doing this one with Leanne — I had to sub the movements, however, we got it done! Thanks Leanne for being a fast runner 🙂 Next time I will try and run faster. We got 24 rounds plus 4. I subbed 145 lb deadlifts for the power cleans and for every burpee I subbed 2 situps and 2 Front Squats with a 20lb med. ball.

  3. I think Greg stole the show at the 6:30 class. After taking a lot of flak that his partner (Patrick) would supposedly spend 27 of the 30 minutes doing power cleans and burpees while Greg ran a single 400m sprint, he proved everybody wrong and kept his splits relatively fast while pumping out reps faster than anyone while off the power cleans and burpees. Had a good time coaching. I think all of you improved your power clean technique during the warmup and WOD.

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