Tuesday 18 January

Lisa's feet

“Fight Gone Worse”

Three rounds of:

Wall ball two feers, 14 lb male 10 lb female (reps)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 75lb male 55lb female (reps)

Pistols (reps)

Push Press 75lb male 55lb female (reps)

Row (calories)


In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Wall ball two feers, the ball must make contact with the ten ft target and two squats must be performed with one throw for a rep to be counted. Sumo Deadlift High Pull must make contact with the ground in between each rep. If at anytime an athletes’ back rounds or the movement is not being done safely the CFI trainer can stop the athlete or require the athlete to lower the weight if they wish to continue the movement (if weight is lowered the workout is no longer RX’d and will be recorded as scaled). Pistols must be conducted with alternating legs each rep. The squat must be past parallel and the opposite foot cannot touch the ground for the rep to count. Push Press must start in the rack position along the collarbone and arms must come to full extension with a portion of the athlete’s ear visible to the trainer. This is an 18 minute workout. It is required to conduct this workout as a trainer/athlete workout. Meaning you must have a partner to count reps and rounds for you. It is also required that the partner judge your two feers. The ball must touch the 10ft mark and the second squat must come past parallel. If it is questionable if the squat is below parallel it does not count as a rep. After the 18 minutes the athletes may switch and repeat.

Post official results for scoring in the Affiliate Team thread in addition to anything you post here.

Tony Budding reviews the last WOD cycle – video [wmv] [mov]

21 thoughts on “Tuesday 18 January

  1. My only advice on this one is don’t put the bar down during the last minute of push press, it’s going to suck either way and so you might as well get the extra reps in. 🙂

    55# SDHP & PP, single WB 10#, air squats(for pistols) total 251.

  2. Great work from Thad, Michelle, Katie, and Kurt in the a.m class today. Everyone pushed hard through that last round. I was impressed by everyone’s effort.

  3. Rx’d
    Total: 191
    Round 1 = 16, 17, 7, 17, 16 (73)
    Round 2 = 11, 14, 6, 14, 16 (61)
    Round 3 = 11, 12, 5, 13, 16 (57)

    Partnered with Hudson who crushed it and congrats on getting your 1st, then 2nd & 3rd, then 4th, 5th & 6th pistol!
    Great output from the lunch class today and once again, excellent programming!

      1. You too man! You definitely got ’em now. I think pistols are one of those diminishing skills that you have to practice with some kind of regularity. I try to mix up pistols, double unders, muscle ups and handstand walk/holds/pushups through out the week during my warmups. Solid work today!

  4. 191 Rx’d
    Round 1 = 17+20+5+18+16 = 76
    Round 2 = 12+13+4+18+12 = 59
    Round 3 = 10+12+3+18+13 = 56
    Corrected a math error so my score on the whiteboard is 10 too many.

  5. Round 1 = 15+18+0+17+18 = 68
    Round 2 = 12+15+0+19+14 = 60
    Round 3 = 10+14+0+18+16 = 58

    186 Rx’d. Didn’t even bother with pistols. I think the extra minute rest helped me out on the other exercises though. Wish I had better balance so I could have at least attempted a few and broke 200.

  6. 286 rx’d. Partnered with Andrew who did a great job coaching me through the wod, prepping my equipment, and keeping me honest by calling my misses. Thanks man!

    1. Anytime man. I was really impressed with how hard you pushed yourself and always seemed to find just a little more strength to get a few more reps. Thanks for pushing me. I undoubtedly performed better because of it.

  7. Awesome 5:15 class tonight. Was really impressed with Melissa J.’s pistols and Justin’s balls to the wall effort.

  8. 6:30 class was a blast. Had people going all out on the affiliate Wod, had 2 two people doing Murph, heard Mike udder sentances in an unknown tongue as fatigue set in, saw someones toes cramp up from doing pullups somehow, even saw a midget riding a unicycle while juggling babys. Pretty much, you name it, it happened at 6:30 class. Ashley stayed strong on the push press, ryan killed the 2fers, Tyler was a sumo monster, and big Mike S made the ladies blush with his dominating rows. Good time coaching today.

  9. Great time at the 6:30 class. I did my very first variation of Murph. I completed a 1/2 Murph in 25:55. Congrats to Brittany for finishing her first full Murph and taking the number one spot on the board for the ladies. Next time maybe I will do a 3/4 Murph or a whole Murph (:

    1. Katie you forgot to mention that all the slots in the Murph block were vacant. 😉 Haha! At least my name will be up there for a half-second until Jordan comes in and kills it…with a 20lb vest, no less…and Zan and Lisa follow suit…

  10. Had a great time at the 5:15 class tonight.
    Round 1. 12-16-7-15-13
    Round 2. 9-11-5-11-10
    Round 3. 7-11-6-12-11
    Total: 156
    This was one of the first WOD that I was able to complete rx’d. Thanks Leann for keeping score and cheering me on!

  11. 226 rx’d – Daniel as Trainer. The pistols really held my score down, ill be needing to work on those for the next fight gone worse(which hopefully never happens) Awesome 630 class, I think i forgot to count 1 of Ryan’s reps…

  12. Hahaha Daniel your Awesome (Didn’t say freakn)!
    Rd 1: 13-18-18-16-9, Rx’d w/assisted pistols
    Rd 2: 10-13-16-11-10, Rx’d weight w/ standard wall balls & asst. Pistols
    Rd 3: 13-12-24-11-10, same as rd2.

  13. Had already scheduled the affiliate with Christina on Sunday, so as punishment for not doing this WOD, I was told I could only sub it with Murph.(Thanks Daniel) 😛 53:41-terrible time because I was being a sissy. Finally figured out in the end the most efficient way for me to break up the 3 movements and surprisingly it wasn’t 20 rounds of Cindy.

    HUGE, HUGE thanks to Slim Katie who was right there cheering and motivating me through that entire last half, counting reps, marking my rounds and standing out in the cold rain encouraging me on that last mile! So many times I just wanted to stop but she kept me going. There was absolutely no way I would have finished without you, girl!! And fantastic job on 1/2 Murph!

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