20 thoughts on “Friday 4 February

  1. Kudos to Lisa for her first muscle-up! That’s a great accomplishment. Next thing you know, knocking out 30 for time. Great work, Lisa!

  2. 95-105-110(1)-110-115(x)

    No hip drive allowed today, really had to focus on not thinking, being fast with the drop and locking down the shoulders. Great technique wod to improve your snatch, huh-huh huh-huh huh-huh-huh.

  3. Did 5 rounds of:
    3- ring pushups
    3- dead hanging pullups
    20- 24″ box steps
    15- situps

    in 9:30

    Thanks Christina for programming this for me. It was a good pain-free workout.

    Congrats Lisa on the Muscle Up!

  4. WOW after 3 days of working and no workouts this one was great. Thanks Christina for making sure I had the right technique. It’s all about the correct form! I did 55-60-65-70-75!!!

    CONGRATS Lisa!! Great job!

  5. When you do Snatch Balance, dropping the bar on your neck/shoulders is NOT part of the Snatch Balance! Who knew?!?

    After the failed Snatch Balance WOD, I did Front Squats 5×3. I managed to get 220lbs x 3, which was a 5lbs PR over my previous 1rep max.

    Thanks to Tyler, Ryan T. and Christina!

  6. Snatch balance 155-155-165-165-175
    Shoulder press 135-155-165-175(f)-165-155-135
    Box jump 1RM 53 3/8

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